• Picture Perfect: Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer
  • The photos from your wedding day are pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime but you only get one chance at getting these pictures. (…)

  • 10 Ways to Recharge Your Romance
  • Early in a relationship the romance factor is very high. The romance is seemingly effortless and it seems as though the romance will never fade. (…)

  • Multi-Cultural Weddings
  • While many different religions and nationalities have their own well established traditions, it is becoming increasingly common for couples of mixed ancestry to marry. (…)

  • Civil Service Weddings
  • A civil service wedding doesn’t have to include just the couple, an officiant and state provided witnesses anymore. (…)

  • Non-Denominational or Mixed Religion Weddings
  • Couples of mixed religions or who come from families that do not have a strong religious background may choose to have either a non-denominational wedding or a wedding that blends two separate religions. (…)

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