• How to Forgive AND Forget
  • We have heard the saying many times that, “It’s easier to forgive than to forget,” but the truth is that unless you are capable of forgetting you never really forgive. (…)

  • Options for Wedding music
  • The old saying is that, “music soothes the savage beast.” Music can also maintain the pleasant atmosphere of your wedding. Choosing wedding music is not always the easiest task in a wedding. (…)

  • Planning Weddings with Themes
  • Planning a wedding with a theme can be a fun way to incorporate a specific interest that the couple shares into the wedding. (…)

  • Inexpensive Wedding Gifts
  • A wedding gift does not have to be expensive to be well received and appreciated by the couple. (…)

  • Pearls: The Forgotten Wedding Accessory
  • Weddings are traditional events so it makes sense to include items that are also traditional. (…)

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