10 Sure Fire Tips for Meeting New People

In order to meet new people, you have to get out and make yourself available to new acquaintances. It’s highly unlikely that you will meet many people while sitting alone in your living room watching television or playing video games. It’s one thing to want to meet new people but it is quite another thing to actually start meeting new people. If you really desire to start meeting some new people try making an effort to go out at least 4 nights a week and engage in an activity that you enjoy.

If you enjoy reading, libraries and book stores are your best bet for meeting people with similar interests. You can spend a weekend day or an evening perusing the racks at a local library or book store. Make sure to spend the majority of your time searching in sections that you enjoy but spend your time people watching instead of reading. You are more likely to meet someone with similar interests if you stick to what you like. If you notice someone looking at a book you have read or were planning to read, be bold and approach them. Using the book as a conversation starter gives you a starting point.

If you enjoy a physical activity such as running, make an effort to visit local stores that sell sneakers in an effort to meet new people. Since running is a subject that you are knowledgeable about and enjoy you may find yourself in a situation where you are able to offer your opinion or advice. For example if you notice someone who seems to be struggling to decide between two running shoes, don’t hesitate to jump in an offer your opinion. If you are knowledgeable about a subject most people will appreciate your opinion so offering advice about your area of expertise is one surefire tip for meeting new people.

Visiting local art museums and taking an interest in a specific piece of art can be a surefire tip for meeting new people. Chose your favorite piece of art and spend a little time lingering near this exhibit. If you spend enough time by your favorite exhibit, you are bound to overhear someone else admiring the art. You can take this opportunity to strike up a conversation about why you like the exhibit as well and offer your interpretation of the piece.

Joining a volunteer group for a cause you support is another surefire way to meet new people. You will meet many people who feel passionately about the same cause and will instantly have something to talk about. Additionally these groups often organize many projects and joining different committees will allow you to not only help out the group but also meet a variety of new people in the process.

You may also meet new people by signing up for a local recreational sports league. Most major cities have leagues available where you can sign up as an individual and fill in on a team that is short a player. While it may be fun to join this league with a group of your existing friends, signing up as an individual is a surefire way to meet new people.

Attending religious services is another surefire way to meet new people. The service itself may just be an hour long ceremony that does not promote meeting new people but religious groups often participate in a variety of other activities and are usually forming committees for many of these activities. Signing up for one of these committees affords you the chance to meet a few members of the congregation on an individual basis.

Becoming involved in local politics may lead to meeting new people. Getting involved in local politics can be a touchy subject because many of the people you meet may feel extremely passionate about their opinions. While this can be troublesome if you meet those with opinions that differ, you are also likely to meet many people who share opinions similar to yours.

Venturing to a nightclub or bar alone can be another surefire tip for meeting new people. Nightclubs and bars are traditionally thought of as places to meet new people but many people who visit these venues have trouble meeting people. The problem is that going out with a large group of friends makes you less approachable. Try visiting a bar alone and you may find yourself meeting more people than ever before.

Don’t pass up wedding or other party invitations just because you don’t have a date because attending these events solo can be a surefire way to meet new people. Many people would decline invitations for a function instead of going along but going alone can be your ticket to meeting new people. You will be likely to find others who are also attending the party without a date and this can be a great opportunity to strike up a conversation and meet some new people.

A final surefire tip for meeting new people is to attend a sporting event for a sport you enjoy. Here you will find many other people who have a similar interest and your common interest can lead to a new relationship. Sporting events also offer fans the chance to celebrate and commiserate together as their favorite team has its ups and downs.

If you seriously want to start meeting new people the first step is to start getting out of your house more often. Once you are out, be sure to make yourself available by traveling solo and making eye contact with those you are interested in meeting. Also, spend time participating in activities that you enjoy and you are much more likely to meet new people who share your interests. Getting out more, engaging in activities you enjoy and making yourself available while also taking a few risks by starting conversations are some surefire tips for meeting new people.


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