August 11, 2006

Basket of baby joy

There are some people that are not that lucky with gifts. There are people that are not lucky with the gifts that they receive, there some that are not good at what to give and there are still some that are not lucky (or skilled) in both. Lousy gift-givers are part of the human society. There just some people that don’t really know what to give another person for their birthday, for Christmas, for their anniversary and for any occasion. Even though they have known the person their giving the gift to for some time, they still couldn’t put their finger on the things the person likes. And just imagine a person like that thinking of what to give to a little baby.

Baby showers, christenings, birthdays and other occasions that involve the ritualistic event of the baby gift giving would be a nightmare come true for a person couldn’t make head or tail of what would be the best thing to give anybody. A lot people can relate to this problem. But what does it take to give that special gift and why does it have to be so hard. Well for one, gift giving is no joke because you would have to know who will be receiving your gift. If a person has absolutely no idea what that person is like them it will be hard. Another reason would be time, if you do know the person but you don’t have enough time to look for the perfect gift, then that poses another problem because time constriction is a very common problem for everyone. And lastly, shortness of resources because even if you do know what to give and know what to give and where to get it if you don’t have any money or a little low on cash you’d probably have to settle for second best.

The good thing about giving the perfect gift to a baby is that you can make it an assortment of a lot of things that are cheap, practical and personalized. Now let’s go over that one by one. Cheap, giving the ideal baby gift basket doesn’t mean you’d have to stack up on the money. The good thing about baby stuff is that there are a lot of things that are cheap. For example, you want to give the baby something that he can use everyday. So instead of giving him a baby stroller you could just give him a baby walker. It’s less expensive than a stroller but can also be used to train the baby to walk.

That brings us to the second part of the baby gift basket formula, practical. Parents would be much happier if they could use the gift you gave. And lastly personalized, if you’re running out of fresh ideas for the things than can go to the baby gift basket, you can always have some things personalized that the baby can also use. A feeding bottle with the baby’s photo on it would be a good place to start. Or you could include baby dresses that have the child’s initial or his name embroidered on it.

You see the possibilities are endless and the only limitation that you can give yourself on what to put inside the ideal baby gift basket is up to you.

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