When your wife gets pregnant and expecting to have your first born baby, you have so many things to decide and think about. Choosing the right name is one of the important things you must consider, most especially if your first born is a baby girl. Most of the women today are excited in having a baby girl. But when choosing a baby’s girl name there are many different things to really think about before actually deciding and these are the following:

1.The parents have the discretion to shorten the name or not. A baby having a short name can have many benefits which include using a lot less ink in writing her name.

2.Parents also have the right to select the name from their family members. They can choose to name their baby girl after a favorite relative or a loved one dear to their heart.

3.Naming their daughter after a famous person or after someone popular. They can name their baby girl after a famous star, favorite celebrity or hero.

4.Names with meaning and what they represent. A name of a Greek Goddess can be a very interesting choice.

5.Names that comes from a biblical characters. For example names like Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth can be a good name for any baby daughter.
6.Parents can name their baby by following the current name trends or fads.

7.Parents should also try to be flexible and reasonable in naming their daughter. Choose the name which will best be suited to the gender of your child. Choose a name suited for her in the sense that it is appropriate to the feature of your child.

8.Parent should try not to choose wacky names for their daughter. It can be a source of many headaches and ridicule for your child when she grows up.

9.Giving your baby a name which is easier to write and understand is also very important. It can prove to be a beneficial choice for your daughter especially when she grows up. When your child starts to go to school, she may need to have a name which is easy to write and understand.

10.Give your daughter a name which is easy to spell and pronounce so the people around her will not find difficulty in spelling or pronouncing her name.

11.Try to pick one word names for your daughter. She might find it hard especially when she is already going to school when she needs to write her name as fast as she could.

12.You can also try to make use of a baby book in selecting the name of your child. Try to study and analyze the baby names and choose one that has a meaning that is relevant to your baby. It can be brave or intelligent choice.

13.Try to make use of names with a good combination. Try to ask for the opinion of some of your friends or your relatives. But always remember to avoid also giving names which are similar with one of your relatives.

You are given a valuable gift. GOD has given you this blessing in the form of your baby daughter. As husband and wife, having a baby is very important and very fulfilling. It’s very important also to choose the right name for her. That is one of the many gifts that you can give her.


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