March 13, 2006

Furnishing a baby nursery

In Father of the Bride 2 Steve Martin’s character was going crazy over the preparations for the two new additions to his already big family – his baby girl and his baby boy grandchild. He felt like he was not ready to be a father again at a very late age and we feel for him imagine being a first time grandfather and being a father again at the same time and you would imagine all the stress and pressure coming in at the same time. Later on though he will realize what these bundles of joy would bring to their lives so he accepts the responsibility of doing all the baby preparations.

Aside from the baby shower he also had to oversee the building of the baby nursery. It is a good thing that he had Frank to help him coordinate with things like choosing what baby furniture to put in the room but what if you have no one like Frank to help you choose baby furniture?

For this article, we will just discuss the different kinds of baby furniture and hopefully that will set you off to a good start. First among the baby furniture to buy is the crib. Choosing the right crib is very important because babies sleep for most of the day so your crib has to be very comfortable. You should also consider the over all architectural style of your nursery or the room so that at the very least colors are coordinated.

Another important baby furniture is a cabinet because there are so many things to store like the baby clothes, towels and feeding bottles. The cabinet should be just enough size and the same thing goes with the nightstand. It has to just be big enough for important things to store including the night lamp. There should also be a changing table so that it would be easy to change baby’s diaper at any time of the day or night.

As the baby becomes bigger, another baby furniture you need to buy is a bed and the key for this baby furniture is buying the right kind of mattress soft enough for the baby and comfortable for the adult looking after the baby. There are still many other baby furniture or nursery accessories but those mentioned are the basic things that should be found in your nursery room. If these baby furniture are complete then you are somewhat assured of an easy time in taking care of the baby.

Apart from the baby furniture in the nursery room there are also some baby furnitures that are needed outside of home. One of the most important baby furniture needed outside of home is the stroller. A stroller is needed for easy and comfortable transportation of baby. Those looking after the baby should agree on what is the best style of stroller that is best for them and the baby. The stroller will complete the line of baby furniture that are essential in raising a baby.

You can visit your baby stores and the internet to find the best deals in baby furniture. You can also ask for hand me down baby furniture from close family and friends who might have baby furniture that they are no longer using that way you can save money. You can always refurbish it in a way to fit your style and your need.

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