Games that babies play

Baby shower are a common happening in almost all part of the world. People have been doing this for decades to celebrate and to welcome the latest addition to their family. These are generally welcome events for people that share the jubilation of the family that is celebrating it. During this time the single momentous occasion people are all out on the spirit of fun and celebration. And during this time people’s natural fun side emerges.

In these events the key to the success and guaranteed enjoyment of everyone relies on two factors, one is the menu for the night and the other one is the entertainment. These two go together like bread and butter, one is inconsumable without the other. There are times when the secret also is for one to cover up for what the other one is lacking. Food is a very critical agenda on any party or gathering. The food always reflects the ability of the hosts to please their guest. Sometimes people go out on a limb just to make sure that the people would take notice of how good the food is or ignore what the menu is lacking. In any case the entertainment must be extra special for the people to forget the bad taste in their mouth.

In a baby shower setting the entertainment is generally for the whole family. Because the expected visitors would be surely bringing along their children the night should centered on the majority of the crowd that has gathered. But for sure, party games, magicians and clowns are out of the picture. That is for the obvious reason that it’s a party not a circus. So a baby shower must be centered on the games that babies were meant to play and of course with the help of their parents.

So what kind of baby shower games can be played without jeopardizing the ambience of the occasion? Here are a few pointers on how to pick the right kind of baby shower games that can be played by both your young and young at heart guests.

First is to pick out a game that can be played on the limited space that you have in your house. The reason for limiting the venue for the game is to have the attention of everyone. When you try to place your game venue in a space that is not so confined, what will happen is that people will have the tendency to walk away and spoil the fun. When people see other people walking away from the game venue, the lemmings’ effect will take place. Number two is to involve the adults, the logic behind this is that when older people are making fools out of themselves children wouldn’t have a hard time joining in. in the eyes of the child older people do silly things can be fun.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to set an example. Being the host of the party you must be prepared to go on a limb to make sure that the older generations of guests are in to the game that you are playing. Showing them that you are a good sport and that it’s all in the spirit of fun would make it easier for them to break out of their shell and join in.


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