May 7, 2006

How to Survive Meeting Her Parents

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time can be difficult but it’s important to remember that impressing her parent’s may be crucial to your relationship. While meeting her parents may seem like a big step, it may not be as monumental as it appears. Women value the relationships they have with their families and respect the opinions of family members regarding their boyfriends. Wanting you to meet her parents may be more about getting their opinions on you as it is about making a serious commitment. Consequently, it is in your best interest to do everything in your power to impress her parents.

Doing your homework and asking your girlfriend plenty of questions about her parents before the initial meeting is the first step to surviving meeting her parents. This gives you the opportunity to learn a little about her parents before you even meet them. This preparation will pay off immensely because it will enable you to avoid anything that you know will be a touchy subject and brush up on subjects that are of interest to them. Knowing a little about their interest beforehand will give you a chance to bring up some of these interests to impress her parents. A bonus to this tactic is that your girlfriend will be flattered that you are showing an interest in her parents before you even meet. A few tidbits of personal information obtained before the initial meeting will really help you to survive meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

When the day of the meeting arrives, be sure to dress to impress but also dress appropriately. A sloppy appearance may be damaging to your potential relationship with your girlfriend’s parents because they may be insulted by your appearance before you even open your mouth to speak. Failing to take care in your appearance is a sign of disrespect to many people so exercise caution and dress nicely for your first meeting with your girlfriend’s parents. Taking care in your appearance is important to surviving a meeting with your girlfriend’s parents but dressing appropriately for the situation is also important. For example a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt would be appropriate for a lunch meeting but would look ridiculous on a tennis court. Be sure to know exactly what is planned for the meeting so that you can not only dress well for the occasion but also appropriately. It’s important to remember that first impressions do count and that a well groomed appearance can help you survive meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

Bringing an appropriate gift on your first meeting may also help you to survive meeting the parents of your girlfriend. A little bribery never hurt so try to find out what they might like so that you can choose an appropriate gift. If you are unable to obtain information about what type of gift they would like, flowers are always a welcomed gift and are very appropriate in this situation. Bringing a small gift when you meet your girlfriend’s parents can help you get the relationship off on the right foot.

Take care to avoid conversation topics that can be controversial. In general religion, politics and sex are topics to avoid. The last thing that you want to do is to spend your first meeting debating political issues. While this may be an activity you normally enjoy, getting involved in a heated debate with your girlfriend’s parents is definitely not a good idea. Keep the conversation light and you will most likely survive meeting her parents.

Finally, try not to be too affectionate with your girlfriend when meeting her parents. While she may be a grown woman, she is also their daughter and many parents would not be comfortable with overt displays of affection. Too much affection can send the wrong message to her parents and put them on guard regarding you. This can be detrimental to your relationship with your girlfriend because she will sense tension between you and her parents.

If you want to ensure a long lasting relationship with your girlfriend it is important to establish a good relationship with her parents. Creating a good first impression and not giving them any reason not to like you, will lead them to approve of you and not send their daughter any subtle signals that they don’t think you are right for her. It is likely that your girlfriend will be influenced by her parent’s opinions so establishing a good relationship with them is critical to your relationship with your girlfriend.

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