Options for Wedding music

The old saying is that, “music soothes the savage beast.” Music can also maintain the pleasant atmosphere of your wedding. Choosing wedding music is not always the easiest task in a wedding. You have to put some thought into the wedding music that will be played and how it will be played. Of course, budget concerns are also something to consider when making your wedding music decisions.

The tradition for wedding music is to hire a live band that will play during the wedding reception. Check your local area to see if there is a band available that is willing to play wedding music during your reception. If you are a member of a church that has a band, you might request their services during your reception. This may choose to be less expensive than hiring a local band. When you hire a band, be sure to discuss meals in addition to wedding music selections. Although the bride and groom are not traditionally responsible for feeding the band, it is something that a band may include in their list of requirements.

Hiring a DJ should be similar to hiring a music coordinator. The DJ is in charge of the music entertainment. Don’t take this position lightly. You need someone who is not only talented with wedding music selection, but someone who will be able to keep your guests entertained. For example, a good DJ will play music that everyone can enjoy. The music the DJ plays will serve as your wedding music. It is a good idea that you request to review the collection of wedding music the DJ intends to play. If you don’t know someone who can serve as your DJ, you may want to solicit the services of a local radio station DJ.

Another option to having people control your music is to use CDs of appropriate wedding music. This option is appropriate for the wedding and the reception. If the wedding ceremony is going to be held in a church, you will probably need your music approved. Be sure to take care of this as soon as possible. There are collections of wedding music that you can find in just about any store that sells music that are probably fairly inexpensive. You could also create your own CDs or have someone with a variety of music create the CD for you. With the prevalence of music-recording software, it’s easy to make your own wedding music CDs.


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