Pearls: The Forgotten Wedding Accessory

Weddings are traditional events so it makes sense to include items that are also traditional. A simple wedding accessory that can really make the difference in your wedding garment is a string of pearls. Pearls have always be a wedding accessory for the masses, but in the current day of uniqueness, more and more people are opting for items outside the traditional.

Interested in a timeless wedding accessory that isn’t too gaudy? A string of pearls should be your first choice. This wedding accessory goes with virtually any wedding dress. Even if you ‘re planning a beach wedding, a wedding accessory of pearls can make the occasion more formal. Dressing up your wedding gown with pearls doesn’t have to me paying for a costly wedding accessory. Cultured pearls are the most expensive and cost from $100 on up. The cost of this wedding accessory is associated with the material that holds the pearls. Pearls strong with 10k gold will cost less than a set strong with 24k gold. You can expect to pay an average of $25 for imitation pearls.

Once you choose pearls as a wedding accessory, only one step remains–choosing a style. The styles that are available in pearls vary similarly to any other wedding accessory worn around the neck: rope, princess, and choker. Of these three styles, the princess and choker are better choices when you are interested in a wedding accessory. A choker is appropriate for any style of wedding dress that exposes your neck area. A wedding gown with a bateau neckline, for example, would not be an appropriate gown for this style of wedding accessory. A string of princess pearls makes an excellent wedding accessory to wear with a strapless wedding gown or one that features lace trimming.

Your choice of wedding accessory doesn’t have to end with your pearls. If you are interested in a classic look, a good idea is to wear an upstyle and have a wedding accessory added to your hair. When you wear pearls, you can accent your hairstyle with tiny pearls. Don’t forget your ears. This wedding accessory is a must with an upstyle and when you purchase a set of pearls, there’s a good chance you will get a set of pearl earrings. A pearl set usually also includes a ring or bracelet. These are optional. If you choose a set that includes a ring, be sure to wear the ring on your right hand. You don’t want your wedding accessory to take away from your wedding ring.


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