Sleep like a baby

Babies are the summit of a man and a woman’s relationship. Babies are the ultimate testament of the kind of love a two people have for each other. And of course, no matter what the price a parent is willing to that just to make sure that their baby is comfortable and safe. Parents will give their children anything no matter what it takes and when it comes to their comfort and much needed sleep.

The average human adult needs at least six hours of shut eye. All living creatures in the world sleep to allow their body to rest from a whole day of working and back breaking. Sleeping gives people and other animals the time for the body to recuperate and regenerate lost energy in the process of doing their daily routine. Lions need 16 to 18 hours of sleep, while primates, man’s closest relative in the animal kingdom need ten to twelve hours. This was mentioned for the sake of comparison, because animals that do a lot of activities most certainly need more time to recharge their bodies for the next day. And humans only need six to eight hours because we are more capable of adapting to our environment and situation.

This been said human babies need a complete eight hours of sleep and in between naps to let their body grow and develop. More than anything the body uses the time that we are sleeping to regenerate cells and give the body room to develop. During our sleep the human body can regenerate hair follicles, fingernails, toenails and even the outer covering of the skin. This happens because of the automatic pilot that is built in to our bodies. All the while people think that the body only need to recharge spent energy on the day’s works but in truth the body works the regeneration cycle much faster when the brain doesn’t control much action.

Babies therefore need that sleeping time to further develop muscles, limbs and skeletal structure. And one enemy that the baby’s sleep has is uncomfortability, stress and wet diapers. So here’s a little trick to choose the right kind of bed and bedding for your little angel. One, find something that fits your baby. The secret to a good bed is one that feels just right. Beds that are too big may become too much to handle for a little tot. A medium sized baby bed would suit them just fine. The bedding would be another concern because if the bedding for the baby is too fluffy or too stiff the comfort level of the baby drops and the stress level for sleeping goes up. This makes the baby harder to put into bed because his mind would register a reflex action against sleeping. We would want the baby to feel like a king when he’s sleeping right? So pack his beddings just right, because the beddings could make the difference in his sleep.

And lastly, to make the baby’s sleeping experience a dream come true, try to find beddings that is inviting to the eye. Baby beddings that have colorful prints in them would stimulate the baby to be curious about it and he would love checking it out. Remember the baby needs enough rest to stimulate his growth and development and when this is achieved your baby can reach his full potential.


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