June 27, 2006

Steal Her Heart by Exchanging a Heart Shaped Wedding Ring!

A wedding ring has to be eternally romantic. It should carry the symbol that denotes the love of spouses to each other. Can any other wedding ring do it in a more romantic way than a ring with a heart shaped stone? Think about it!

The heart symbol is globally accepted as the symbol for the most prized emotions— love and fidelity. Giving a heart to some other person suggests that you are giving yourself and devoting to him or her entirely. Thus, a wedding ring with a heart denotes your commitment of never-ending love for your bride. She can cherish it always, wherever she is— near you or far from you. Yes, there are all reasons for you to buy a heart shaped wedding ring for her. In fact you can also buy a pair of heart shaped wedding rings with the engraved initials of both of you.

Early Christian people cherished the idea that the human heart is the central place of emotions. Even in the modern times, the heart is important and is considered as a symbol of intense feelings and root of relationships. So, the tradition of heart shaped rings is quite rich.

The heart-shaped wedding rings have always been a classic expression of love and bonding till the eternity. You can slip a brilliantly shining heart engraved ring onto the finger of your beloved, along with those magical three worlds. Yes, the magic of the heart shaped wedding ring would be close to the eternal bliss for her.

People all over the world, have always demanded heart shaped rings for the special occasions of wedding. So to meet the expectations of emotions of love and bonding, the classic as well as designer heart shaped rings are available in multiple styles and designs in almost all the jewellery markets.

The design and patterns of your heart shaped wedding ring is a matter of your choice entirely. You can have it plain or have more cuts covering the whole body of the ring. More over you can have small stones of different colors to adorn it as well. Whatever you want on your heart shaped ring, you name it and you will get in the market. And certainly, you can buy your special heart-shaped wedding ring online or by visiting the local jewellery shop.

As with all wedding rings, the exquisiteness and value of the stone depend upon its craft and cuts. Heart-shaped wedding rings are also a distinction with a brilliantly cut stone. They can also have pear-shaped diamonds with a split at the top. It does not usually have a round edge. You can also get your name engraved in the middle of the heart over the wedding ring and stay with your spouse for ever.

A diamond cut in the shape of heart is the best choice for heart shaped rings. The shape of the diamond is quite significant. A heart-shaped diamond is believed to be valuable if it is balanced in shape. If it appears asymmetrical to your eye, it is definitely badly cut and not valued for your money. The “shoulders” of the heart, i.e. the diameter across the wide edges of the heart should be equal in length. Length is calculated in vertical lines centered over the tip of the stone and the fissure. So always buy a diamond ring keeping these aspects in your mind.

If you are looking for some popular wedding rings picks, I would suggest you to go for a platinum or a white gold ring band with a single diamond cut in heart shape over it. You can also go for colored diamonds such as pink or red for depicting the feelings of your heart. Yellow gold ring with heart inscribed over it with yours & hers initials is one of the most commonly picked wedding rings.

Picking a heart shaped wedding ring can be the ultimate expression of your love and devotion for your life partner. It is the beautiful way to show how beautiful he or she is for you. After all, it will be with you for the countless years to remind you the significance of the true romance that never dies. [699 Words]

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