April 5, 2006

The Importance of Your Wedding flower

Flowers are usually associated with weddings. When you decide what will be your wedding flower, it will ultimately shape the theme of your wedding. Have you chosen the popular red rose as your wedding flower? Was the first flower your future husband gave you a tulip and so you have made it your wedding flower? However you made the decision of your wedding flower, don’t neglect to use it throughout your wedding. Whether you hire someone to handle your wedding flower checklist or you do it yourself, don’t neglect to make good use of your wedding flower.

A wedding flower has many uses in a wedding. The first thought people have of the wedding flower is the bride’s bouquet. There are so many other uses that your wedding flower can fulfill. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider using your wedding flower as your main source of decoration. If your wedding is going to take place in a church, you can line the pews with your wedding flower. The only issue that might arise is if you use your wedding flower this close to the guests is that someone may have a allergy. You or the groom should know the guests you have invited well. Check if anyone has a particular allergy.

Your wedding flower not only sets the theme for your wedding, but it can also create a pleasant ambiance in your reception area. If you have difficulty deciding on a single wedding flower, you might want to use one for your wedding ceremony and the other for your reception. It is a good idea, however, that the two flowers complement each other. If you have trouble determining which flowers complement one another, a visit to your local florist should clear this up for you. The florist may also be able to provide some advice for choosing your wedding flower.

To save money once you have chosen your wedding flower, you could buy silk flowers in bulk. There is constant debate over the use of fake and fresh flowers in a wedding. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both. If you choose fresh flowers you have to worry about them wilting. You don’t have to worry about this if you use fake flowers. However, you won’t have the wonderful aroma of fresh flowers if you use fake flowers. You can also save money on your wedding flower by growing your flowers. You could also mix both fake and real flowers.

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