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Baby showers are all about the happiness of having a new baby come into a family’s life. There maybe different ways of celebrating that spirit all over the world, the essence still remains the same no matter where we are. The celebration of life and the spirit of joy is the center of every baby shower and no matter how simple the affair, it’s the thought that will always count.

So if you’re planning to take part in this celebration because of the new member of your family has arrived, you may be up for some really serious planning. Baby showers can’t just be people eating and grown-ups drinking. The focal point of the celebration must on the reason for celebrating, the baby. So here are some helpful ideas to get you started on the theme for your baby shower.

Of course we know that the main reason for celebrating is the new baby, but it would be a little dull if it was just a bunch of people hovering over the dinner table and exchanging stories of the day gone by. There should be some sort of format or theme that will allow the celebration to have a little liveliness and color. Just like in theme park where they dress up the rides to add a little more flavor to the plain old twist and turns of a ride, baby showers should have a little more identity otherwise all baby showers would be coming out the same. It’s not bad to have a little originality in our celebration.

So to make your baby shower a cut above the rest, plan ahead of time on the venue of the affair. If you are expecting a lot of adults and fewer children the back yard would be fine. But to make it more interesting, why not turn it into a Sunday barbeque complete with a pool party atmosphere. It would be a little better than to be cooped up indoors with all the hordes of guests in one room of the house. This would be better for the host because the food can be cooked on the spot and the kids can have the time of their lives swimming and everything. And it would also give the adults the chance to exchange their stories. This will be perfect in getting the kids off your hair and have more time for the people that came over.

Another unique baby shower idea would be to have a pot luck party with everybody including the guests chipping in their specialty. This would also save us time and energy in the preparation of the food that will be served during the baby shower. This is also a good idea because the guests can’t say anything about the food because they also have their cooking on the table.

But if you’re thinking of something really big and grand for your baby shower the best idea for you is to have a beach house baby shower complete with the setting sun in the background. Again this would be perfect because you could just cook the food on the spot and this will also open up the sensitive side of your guest because of the spectacular view of the bay in the background.

Anyway, these are just ideas to get you started on something. You could always mix and match these ideas up for better results.


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