Are you excited on becoming a soon to be parent? Are you having problems in thinking on how to name your child? For a baby boy, what are your choices? What factors do you consider in choosing the name of your future baby boy? In choosing a name for him, are you the type that decides on a name that first comes to your mind? Are you the type who thinks for a minute or so and then presto, you have a name of your child.

Naming your baby boy may not be as easy as that. What you name your boy can sometimes have a big effect on his life. There are some things you have to prepare for and be aware of while finding the right name for your child.

Searching for your baby’s name can also be fun especially if it’s your first born baby that you are looking a name for. Whether you’re seeking a name for your soon-to-be baby boy or baby girl, sometimes you are considering the popularity of your own first name. Sometimes you can search for name ideas from names that are considered to be on the top 100 hot baby names list.

Some parents have a penchant for biblical names. For example, they want to name their baby after Matthew, Mark, John etc. Others get to name their baby boy after their ancestors or after their favorite family members. Sometimes they try to combine a couple of names to make it sound more catchy and interesting.

Some parents also consider naming their babies to the date their child was born. For example, if the child was born on December 25, many a parent would likely name their baby Emmanuel. Parents can also name their baby based on the popularity of a person. They can name their baby after a movie star, favorite writer, or a famous person.

In naming a baby, there are many other points parents should consider besides how popular or unique a name is. Here are some helpful tips that parents like you can use in choosing a name for the new baby and to make the process more fun and exciting:

1. Try to observe the initials of the name that you will be giving your child. For example, naming the child Dan Oscar Gordon would make his initials may come out as D.O.G. Wouldn’t it be a put down on him? It can be frustrating overlooking such a simple thing as giving your child this kind of name even though you did not mean it.

2. Try to avoid choosing a baby name that can be unusual and out of this world. Other kids may make fun of your child in school that will result to humiliation. Always consider the welfare of your child in finding a name for him and not in your own interest.

3. You can also choose a name which can sound funny and trendy.

4. Be careful not to pick a name that’s really cute for an adorable little baby but would sound silly when your child grows up. (For example, avoid using names like Dimples or Cutie Pie as much as possible.)

5. Be careful also not to choose a name that is very hard to spell or pronounce. People will almost always get it wrong so your child might have a lot of difficulty explaining it to them over and over again.


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