10 Action Phrases For Your Next Personals Ad

Personals ads and in particular Internet personals ads are becoming the wave of the future in dating. More and more people are meeting online and through personals ads and these services are becoming a booming business. Gone are the singles ads of yesterday with phrases such as SWF seeks SWM. Today’s personals ads are witty, informative and hopefully effective. If you want to keep up on the current dating scene, you will have to learn all about the world of personals ads. There are a few key points to placing a personals ads which include being honest, being witty and including action phrases that will attract attention to your ad and make it stand out from the rest.

One key phrase to incorporate into your next personals ad is, “long term relationship”. This phrase is perfect because it conveys a sense of commitment. This phrase lets people know that you are committed to finding an enduring relationship and that you are not just looking for a fling. Sure there may be those reading your ad that are turned off by this phrase but as long as you maintain your honesty you won’t include phrases that don’t express what you really desire in a relationship.

“No baggage,” is another effective phrase to use in placing your next personals ad. This phrase lets readers know that you are completely free of attachments such as a spouse or children. Again, there may be those that are looking for a relationship with someone who already has children but the majority of people who use personals ads to meet people are looking for someone who is free of other commitments.

You can spice up your next personals ad with the phrase, “Active and adventurous”. This phrase is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Active has the connotation of someone who is in shape because the reader of the ad equates active with physically fit. The word adventurous leads the reader to believe that you are romantic and daring which can be very intriguing.

“Honest” is another word that should be included in all personals ads. It is very unlikely that there are people out there who are looking for dishonest partners so letting people know that you are honest is very beneficial. It’s important to not only incorporate the word honest into your ad but to also make sure that the rest of your ad is extremely honest so that the person responding to the ad doesn’t get a sense of a lack of honesty in your ad.

Another action phrase to include in your next personals ad is, “Great personality”. These words let the reader know that meeting you will be well worthwhile because you have a truly magnificent personality. It is also a great phrase to use because it indicates that you understand the value of personality in a relationship.

“Enjoys travel,” is another action phrase to include in your next personals ad. Reading this phrase creates the image that the person placing the ad is well traveled and sophisticated and this is appealing to many. It also invokes a sense of adventure which many find appealing as well.

Additionally if you are seeking responses to your ad from a certain demographic group you may want to incorporate a phrase that illustrates this. For example if you are looking to meet single women of Russian descent, you may include a phrase such as, “Seeks single, Russian women”. This may seem overly simplistic but because it is so clear, it will most likely produce the desired effect of receiving the majority of responses from single, Russian women.

If you have a love of food and enjoy exploring new restaurants, you may want to include a phrase such as, “Enjoys fine dining,” to let reader of your ad know that dining out is an activity you enjoy. This phrase can be advantageous for a couple of reasons. First, dining out is first date activity that many people enjoy so knowing that a dinner date is likely if they go out with you may result in a greater number of responses to your ad. Second, the use of the word fine in the description leads people to believe that you enjoy expensive restaurants and this can be very appealing to many readers of your ad.

Those who enjoy physical activity and keeping in shape, may include a phrase such as, “Fit and active,” to convey this message. This phrase can affectively lead to you receiving responses from those who have a similar interest in fitness. While the term fit clearly means you are in good shape and may result in a large volume of responses from those interested in meeting someone in shape, the addition of the term active may greatly diminish the volume of responses and affectively weed out those that are not interested in an active lifestyle.

An extremely effective action phrase that you can use in your next personals ad is, “Ask me anything.” This simple phrase can lead to a multitude of responses to your ad. This simple phrase lets others know that you are honest, adventurous and open to sharing details about yourself.

The personals ads may be a great place to meet a potential partner. An ad that is written honestly and incorporates a few eye catching action phrases is likely to attract a lot of attention and responses. Try to use phrases that are not only attention grabbing but also an accurate representation of your personality. Incorporating phrases just because you think they will elicit a large response can result in many responses from people who are not suitable companions.


Baby names and their meanings

Naming a baby may seem simple enough but when you are the one doing the naming, it can be really frustrating. One of the ways that can help you with this really frustrating task is by giving names that have special meanings. The job of today’s moms and dads is a whole lot easier actually compared to parents in previous years. There are probably hundreds of baby naming books in bookstores as well as websites where you can enter the names that you are considering and find their meanings.

Some websites even have categories that group names into their origins. For instance, names that have Indian origins have their own grouping, names that have Italian origins have separate grouping and so on. Names are also classified according to gender or to popularity. Of course, alphabetical classifications of names will always be there. You can even browse through several different names and just take your pick from the pack.

Finding out the meaning of the name that you are going to give your child will not only make the name special but will also put a small meaning into the name. By giving your baby a name with a meaning that you like, you are, in a way, putting a representation of what you hope your child would grow up to be. Remember that a name is a stamp of identity, something that your child will be using for the rest of his or her life.

Here are some of the names and their meanings that you can find in websites. If you want a complete list, just go to a search engine and type keywords baby names meaning and voila, a list of websites where you can browse different names.

Aaron- High Mountain
Bailey- Server
Caesar – Purposeful
Abel- Breath of vapour
Caleb – Dog lover
Calvin- Bold
Abner – Cheerful
Cameron – Bewitched
Abraham – Father of Multitude
Barron – Fighter
Carlos – Expressive
Bartholomew – Friend
Carol – Champion
Cary – Charmer
Casey – Brave
Alan – Harmony
Benedict- Blessed
Cecil – Obstinate or Blind
Albert – Nobly
Alexander- Leader
Alexis- Helper
Alfred- Wise
Bing – Intuitive
Alison – Holy
Blair – Dignified
Clair – Famous
Clarence – Bright
Clark – Charmer
Claude – Lame
Alroy- Regal
Bradford – Mighty
Clay – Mortal
Clayton- Town-Dweller
Alvin – Beloved
Brandon – A Fighter
Clifford – Brave
Dale – Dweller
Dalton – Farmer
Dan – A Judge
Ebenezer – Integrity
Eden – Diplomatic
Farrell – Brave
Darius – Strong
Edgar – Fortunate
Felix – Happy
Gary -Old man
Ian – Lord’s Grace
Geoffrey – Peace
Ingram – Hero
Giles – Young goat
Irvin – Friend of the Sea
Godfrey – God peace
Isaac – Glad
Harlan – Warrior
Isadore – A good gift
Grant – Great
Harley – Athletic
Harry – Princely
Guy – Sensible
Hector – Defender
Kane – Exacting
Lachlan – Fighter
Kay – Rejoicing
Lambert – Wealthy
Jason- Healer
Kean – Tall
Keith – Gardener
Jed – Beloved
Lewis Well-Known
Lincoln – Settled
Lindo – Tree
Lionel – Lionlike
Llewellyn – Swift
Lloyd – Joy
Ludovic – Fighter
Loredo – Learned
Loren – Victor
Loring – Fighter
Lothario – Cheerful
Macy – Steadfast
Napoleon – Comforter
Nathan – A Gift
Malcolm – A Servant
Nat – Versatile
Nathaniel – Godly
Orlando – Famous
Paine- Rustic
Radcliffe – Fiery
Quincy – Restful
Ralph – Hero
Quinn – Wise
Parker – Princely
Patrick – Noble
Randall – Relentless
Shawn – Gracious
Trevor – Prudent
Sherlock – Eminent
Silvester – Earthy
Spencer – Provider
Stephen – Loyal
Samson – Resplendent
Xavier – Bright
Valentine – Healthy
Wade – Wonderer


Hiring a baby sitter

Most parents prefer to be hands on with their kids. Raising kids is a difficult job but still parents want to do it themselves because they feel like it is the only way to make sure that they can properly train their kids to grow up into ladies and gentlemen. However some parents have no choice because both of them have to work to fend for the family so either they leave their kids with other family members or friendly neighbors but then again leaving kids with other people can not go on for so long. This is when the idea of hiring a baby sitter becomes an option but a baby sitter is a stranger so careful thought should be given by the family about this decision from the time they say yes to the idea to the choosing of the baby sitter.

There are certain things that should be considered when choosing a baby sitter. First and foremost, the baby sitter should be credible meaning that he or she should have a good record with past employers. Second is that there should be certain characteristics present in the baby sitter like he or she should have at least a general knowledge of how to run a household including operating machines especially the complex ones present in the house and of course he or she should be patient when it comes to dealing with the kids because that is really the bulk of his or her work – taking care of the kids.

It is also advisable to ask around people who have past experiences with baby sitters so that you can have an idea how to set your criteria and how to actually find and eventually hire someone that will fit into the criteria you set. After the initial research you are now ready to do interviews for possible prospects. During the interview, you should not only concentrate on the resume or the answers but you should more importantly watch out for the body language because they tell so much. Ask routine questions but also come up with questions that will make you get to know more about the morals or the personality of the one applying.

After finally choosing a baby sitter make sure that you do some advance preparations like giving the baby sitter a tour of the places in the house where he or she will be working, machines he or she will be operating, list of numbers to call in case of emergencies and talk to him or her about any special instructions you might want to give. Also, go through with the family policies with him or her like no spanking or no cursing. These are simple things but make it clear so that you will not have any future problems.

Hiring a baby sitter will make parents focus on their jobs but during the first days of the baby sitter one of the parents should watch how the baby sitter is during active duty even for just a few hours. This is sort of transition time and it is also a way of still being involved with your kids despite the fact that you already have a baby sitter. There are many good sitters around and hopefully you will find the right one for your family.



How would you expect your great, great grandma to react on the existence of baby monitors nowadays? In their time, the only baby monitor around is their active presence. The whole idea could infuriate them, but practically in the 21st century, almost half the century since mothers gained liberty in climbing a career path, all possibilities were laid accessible. Perhaps the technology and the inventors should receive better appreciation instead of being cynical.

Baby monitors are gadgets that serve to produce and amplify the condition of the infant in the crib while the parents are not at hand to see them. It does not mean leaving the baby alone in the house, but it has more use at night during sleep. They come in various brands and sophistication but all the way serving the purpose of keeping the child safe. The audio sounds that it produces are the breathing, heartbeat and vital responses to avoid the dangers of SIDS, known to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS occurs in a baby’s life at the age of 1 to 4 months.

Baby monitors like these are not only used at homes but also in hospitals. If it is in the hospital, then one could expect all the transmitters, antenna and connections plugged to the baby’s crib. For home use, it could come in different portable functions, but the opinions that go along with it could range from the option of hiring a nanny to the point that the mom must quit the job instead of depending on baby monitors.

The advantage of having baby monitors is its capability to detect intelligently more than what practical nannies can detect by intuition. This is much applicable for children with breathing problems and some mental retardation that prevents them to respond like normal babies do. Baby monitors come in radio frequencies from 46 to 49 MHz, which can be activated by batteries or regular current plugged in convenience outlets. These gadgets can either had transmissions located less than 10 feet from the crib for clearer monitoring.

The main disadvantage is it could interfere with wireless phone, other baby monitors and other gadgets that use radio frequency. Literally, the sounds emitted from other sources could be heard in the monitor. Later, the products increased to 900MHz to solve the problem, but still it has no guarantee to patch the problem.

Other fancy things baby monitors can do in some push buttons include: lullabyes to pacify the crying baby, talks, vibrations, capability to connect to emergency lines, heart listener, baby movement censors, video.

Culturally, the use of baby monitors is more common in the western countries where parents do not co-sleep with their children. Chances are the child sleeps in a separate room, with doors left ajar while parents plug a monitor as aid. In Asian countries, SIDS is not a common dilemma. Mothers culturally co-sleep with children plus they are not so required to take part actively in climbing careers have the full-time dedication to tend to the children. These are commonly in rural areas. In cities where life is fast-phased, there is no use getting the financial role of parents as an argumentative matter.

Truly we cannot avoid life changes that technology offer as gifts of advancement. Using gadgets to aid parents will not mean to diminish the way they give care and love.


A Quick Peek into Japanese Wedding Rings, Tradition and Styles

With changing times, the Japanese culture and tradition has also accepted a lot of changes. Exchange of wedding rings in the marriage ceremony is one of them. For, the wedding rings were never a hardcore part of the traditional Japanese weddings. But the modern Japanese couples enjoy slipping the wedding rings in each other’s fingers.

In fact, it is believed that the history of the exchange of wedding rings in Japan is only 150 years old. The custom of wearing a wedding ring in Japan is related to the Edo Era, belonging to the late 1800s. before that, Japanese women used to color their teeth to prove their marital status.

The times have changed and Japanese married couples have started wearing wedding rings. While other things are still traditional in Japanese weddings, the exchange of wedding rings is a contemporary and popular concept. Still it is enjoyed greatly and practiced with respect. Japanese call the ring finger as kusuri-yubi.

The bride and the groom appear quite composed during the staid marriage ceremony. But as the time of rings exchange approaches and the groom slips the wedding band on the bride’s finger, they smile together.

It is interesting to note that people in Japan wear the wedding bands not because of any religious or supernatural reason. They wear it because they want to make the public announcement of their marriage. They wish to tell the world that they welcome a special person in their life and they plan to spend the rest of their lives with together.

Japanese people consider various aspects before buying the wedding rings. They consider the look, attractiveness, and the material value of the ring as important factors to choose a wedding ring. The religious connotations attached with wedding rings in other countries hold absolutely low or no relevance for the Japanese.

Let’s take a quick peek into the styles and designs of Japanese wedding rings.

Mokume gane is a traditional Japanese term used to explain the art of making wedding rings. It came into being a couple of centuries ago. The mokume gane artists layer the non-ferrous and precious metal and make patterns over it. It is originated from the ancient Japanese technique by which damascus steel was created.

In the mokume gane art, two or more metals are piled together in sporadic sheets and merged together. Then, a billet is forged, formed and filed to divulge an attractive pattern of the sheet layers. Mokume is an apt art for making the wedding rings, as it poses the perfect marriage of metals too.

Well generally Japanese people do not like wedding gaudy rings with heavy crafting on them. This is perhaps because big diamonds get stuck with clothes or other things and are not practical to wear daily. Most of them love simple and casual designing, which they can show off regularly.

If you also cherish simplicity in life, get a Japanese wedding band and adorn your wedding ceremony. [493 Words]

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