Hiring a baby sitter

Most parents prefer to be hands on with their kids. Raising kids is a difficult job but still parents want to do it themselves because they feel like it is the only way to make sure that they can properly train their kids to grow up into ladies and gentlemen. However some parents have no choice because both of them have to work to fend for the family so either they leave their kids with other family members or friendly neighbors but then again leaving kids with other people can not go on for so long. This is when the idea of hiring a baby sitter becomes an option but a baby sitter is a stranger so careful thought should be given by the family about this decision from the time they say yes to the idea to the choosing of the baby sitter.

There are certain things that should be considered when choosing a baby sitter. First and foremost, the baby sitter should be credible meaning that he or she should have a good record with past employers. Second is that there should be certain characteristics present in the baby sitter like he or she should have at least a general knowledge of how to run a household including operating machines especially the complex ones present in the house and of course he or she should be patient when it comes to dealing with the kids because that is really the bulk of his or her work – taking care of the kids.

It is also advisable to ask around people who have past experiences with baby sitters so that you can have an idea how to set your criteria and how to actually find and eventually hire someone that will fit into the criteria you set. After the initial research you are now ready to do interviews for possible prospects. During the interview, you should not only concentrate on the resume or the answers but you should more importantly watch out for the body language because they tell so much. Ask routine questions but also come up with questions that will make you get to know more about the morals or the personality of the one applying.

After finally choosing a baby sitter make sure that you do some advance preparations like giving the baby sitter a tour of the places in the house where he or she will be working, machines he or she will be operating, list of numbers to call in case of emergencies and talk to him or her about any special instructions you might want to give. Also, go through with the family policies with him or her like no spanking or no cursing. These are simple things but make it clear so that you will not have any future problems.

Hiring a baby sitter will make parents focus on their jobs but during the first days of the baby sitter one of the parents should watch how the baby sitter is during active duty even for just a few hours. This is sort of transition time and it is also a way of still being involved with your kids despite the fact that you already have a baby sitter. There are many good sitters around and hopefully you will find the right one for your family.


Furnishing a baby nursery

In Father of the Bride 2 Steve Martin’s character was going crazy over the preparations for the two new additions to his already big family – his baby girl and his baby boy grandchild. He felt like he was not ready to be a father again at a very late age and we feel for him imagine being a first time grandfather and being a father again at the same time and you would imagine all the stress and pressure coming in at the same time. Later on though he will realize what these bundles of joy would bring to their lives so he accepts the responsibility of doing all the baby preparations.

Aside from the baby shower he also had to oversee the building of the baby nursery. It is a good thing that he had Frank to help him coordinate with things like choosing what baby furniture to put in the room but what if you have no one like Frank to help you choose baby furniture?

For this article, we will just discuss the different kinds of baby furniture and hopefully that will set you off to a good start. First among the baby furniture to buy is the crib. Choosing the right crib is very important because babies sleep for most of the day so your crib has to be very comfortable. You should also consider the over all architectural style of your nursery or the room so that at the very least colors are coordinated.

Another important baby furniture is a cabinet because there are so many things to store like the baby clothes, towels and feeding bottles. The cabinet should be just enough size and the same thing goes with the nightstand. It has to just be big enough for important things to store including the night lamp. There should also be a changing table so that it would be easy to change baby’s diaper at any time of the day or night.

As the baby becomes bigger, another baby furniture you need to buy is a bed and the key for this baby furniture is buying the right kind of mattress soft enough for the baby and comfortable for the adult looking after the baby. There are still many other baby furniture or nursery accessories but those mentioned are the basic things that should be found in your nursery room. If these baby furniture are complete then you are somewhat assured of an easy time in taking care of the baby.

Apart from the baby furniture in the nursery room there are also some baby furnitures that are needed outside of home. One of the most important baby furniture needed outside of home is the stroller. A stroller is needed for easy and comfortable transportation of baby. Those looking after the baby should agree on what is the best style of stroller that is best for them and the baby. The stroller will complete the line of baby furniture that are essential in raising a baby.

You can visit your baby stores and the internet to find the best deals in baby furniture. You can also ask for hand me down baby furniture from close family and friends who might have baby furniture that they are no longer using that way you can save money. You can always refurbish it in a way to fit your style and your need.



Are you excited on becoming a soon to be parent? Are you having problems in thinking on how to name your child? For a baby boy, what are your choices? What factors do you consider in choosing the name of your future baby boy? In choosing a name for him, are you the type that decides on a name that first comes to your mind? Are you the type who thinks for a minute or so and then presto, you have a name of your child.

Naming your baby boy may not be as easy as that. What you name your boy can sometimes have a big effect on his life. There are some things you have to prepare for and be aware of while finding the right name for your child.

Searching for your baby’s name can also be fun especially if it’s your first born baby that you are looking a name for. Whether you’re seeking a name for your soon-to-be baby boy or baby girl, sometimes you are considering the popularity of your own first name. Sometimes you can search for name ideas from names that are considered to be on the top 100 hot baby names list.

Some parents have a penchant for biblical names. For example, they want to name their baby after Matthew, Mark, John etc. Others get to name their baby boy after their ancestors or after their favorite family members. Sometimes they try to combine a couple of names to make it sound more catchy and interesting.

Some parents also consider naming their babies to the date their child was born. For example, if the child was born on December 25, many a parent would likely name their baby Emmanuel. Parents can also name their baby based on the popularity of a person. They can name their baby after a movie star, favorite writer, or a famous person.

In naming a baby, there are many other points parents should consider besides how popular or unique a name is. Here are some helpful tips that parents like you can use in choosing a name for the new baby and to make the process more fun and exciting:

1. Try to observe the initials of the name that you will be giving your child. For example, naming the child Dan Oscar Gordon would make his initials may come out as D.O.G. Wouldn’t it be a put down on him? It can be frustrating overlooking such a simple thing as giving your child this kind of name even though you did not mean it.

2. Try to avoid choosing a baby name that can be unusual and out of this world. Other kids may make fun of your child in school that will result to humiliation. Always consider the welfare of your child in finding a name for him and not in your own interest.

3. You can also choose a name which can sound funny and trendy.

4. Be careful not to pick a name that’s really cute for an adorable little baby but would sound silly when your child grows up. (For example, avoid using names like Dimples or Cutie Pie as much as possible.)

5. Be careful also not to choose a name that is very hard to spell or pronounce. People will almost always get it wrong so your child might have a lot of difficulty explaining it to them over and over again.


Dress them up with the best baby clothes

Babies are bundles of joy so it is not surprising why everyone from the nuclear to immediate family gets all excited over the prospect of raising the newest addition to the family. For some, even the neighbors, who have become like family, share in all the anticipation. There is still nothing though that can match the enthusiasm of the parents of the child but most especially of the mother to be.

There are so many preparations to be made and even if the mother to be feels uneasy or a bit uncomfortable because of the additional weight she is carrying in her womb she is still ready to be up and about when it comes to baby preparations. And one of the most exciting parts of baby preparations is buying tons of baby clothes.

It is proven that baby clothes are one of the tops sellers in department stores and malls in any part of the world. This is the reason why big clothing companies decide to have their own line of baby clothes. More than this, there are also the brands that specialize in just baby clothes and the stores of these brands are just as big and saleable as that of the clothing brands for kids and adults. There are also known designer baby clothes and we usually hear these brands worn by celebrity kids especially those celebrities that are fashion conscious themselves. There is Anne Geddes in the United States of America and Tutti Bella for the Europeans. These brands became big by only selling baby stuff but primarily their line of baby clothes are the best in the industry.

One might argue that babies are not choosy about clothes in fact they are too young to care about fashion but precisely that is why baby clothes are a hit because the parents who want only the best for their babies are the one deciding. Another thing that can be raised is that why buy expensive clothes when in fact babies outgrow these clothes so fast but then again parents’ pride in their kids during the baby stage rests not on how intelligent or talented their kids are but rather on how cute their babies are so they have to make sure that their baby clothes highlight the best physical attributes of their little ones.

There are many kinds of baby clothes but parents need not buy all the kinds of baby clothes available in the market. We will run down the baby clothes that will be of most use to babies. First there are baby clothes based on gender. The usual baby clothes for boys are colored blue and for the girl baby clothes pink but more and more parents are now being open to buying unisex baby clothes which is really a good idea. Unisex baby clothes will send the message that there are no limitations to being a boy or being a girl.

Babies should always have a set of playwear and sleepwear because playing and sleeping are two of babies’ favorite activities. The key to choosing baby clothes for playing and sleeping is that clothes should be comfortable but of course there should also be style because there is nothing wrong with teaching babies the best way to dress up. As they say it is better to start them young.


Basket of baby joy

There are some people that are not that lucky with gifts. There are people that are not lucky with the gifts that they receive, there some that are not good at what to give and there are still some that are not lucky (or skilled) in both. Lousy gift-givers are part of the human society. There just some people that don’t really know what to give another person for their birthday, for Christmas, for their anniversary and for any occasion. Even though they have known the person their giving the gift to for some time, they still couldn’t put their finger on the things the person likes. And just imagine a person like that thinking of what to give to a little baby.

Baby showers, christenings, birthdays and other occasions that involve the ritualistic event of the baby gift giving would be a nightmare come true for a person couldn’t make head or tail of what would be the best thing to give anybody. A lot people can relate to this problem. But what does it take to give that special gift and why does it have to be so hard. Well for one, gift giving is no joke because you would have to know who will be receiving your gift. If a person has absolutely no idea what that person is like them it will be hard. Another reason would be time, if you do know the person but you don’t have enough time to look for the perfect gift, then that poses another problem because time constriction is a very common problem for everyone. And lastly, shortness of resources because even if you do know what to give and know what to give and where to get it if you don’t have any money or a little low on cash you’d probably have to settle for second best.

The good thing about giving the perfect gift to a baby is that you can make it an assortment of a lot of things that are cheap, practical and personalized. Now let’s go over that one by one. Cheap, giving the ideal baby gift basket doesn’t mean you’d have to stack up on the money. The good thing about baby stuff is that there are a lot of things that are cheap. For example, you want to give the baby something that he can use everyday. So instead of giving him a baby stroller you could just give him a baby walker. It’s less expensive than a stroller but can also be used to train the baby to walk.

That brings us to the second part of the baby gift basket formula, practical. Parents would be much happier if they could use the gift you gave. And lastly personalized, if you’re running out of fresh ideas for the things than can go to the baby gift basket, you can always have some things personalized that the baby can also use. A feeding bottle with the baby’s photo on it would be a good place to start. Or you could include baby dresses that have the child’s initial or his name embroidered on it.

You see the possibilities are endless and the only limitation that you can give yourself on what to put inside the ideal baby gift basket is up to you.

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