June 13, 2006

Get Your Plus Size Wedding Rings Quite Comfy Way!

Have you recently walked to a jewelry shop, to shop for your wedding ring and are told by the man himself that he does not have your size? And, even if he had some, you did not have your best ring in them? Well, no matter.

Yes, oversize is no longer a problem. For, plus size wedding rings are there for you. With great variety of plus wedding rings available in the market, you can certainly find the one according to your size and liking. And your full-stuffed fingers can also celebrate their curves with these exotic plus size rings.

So let’s know for all how can you get a plus size wedding ring in your size as well as in your taste. And that too quite easily!

Selecting a plus size wedding ring is not a tall order today. With growing population of plus size people in the US, fashion designers and jewelry designers have come up with some great options, exclusively for oversized people. You can contact your near by jewelry house with your credentials and ask them whether they keep your size or not. Most of the regular jewelry shops make plus size wedding rings and jewelry on special requests. Also, you can contact exclusive plus size stores in the market. The range of options is really wide.

In fact Internet is the best place for you to find out the contact addresses of the exclusive plus size jewelry shops in your area. You can search for them with the keyword, “plus size wedding rings” on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Moreover, you can visit the online stores of the leading jewelry brands. As you get ample contact information, you can follow your thrust to have your perfect wedding ring.

After getting the contact info you need to meet the jewelers. Always be very confident of your size before entering the market. Ask yourself again and again, what looks best on my hands, while making a final selection. If you have small and fatty fingers, select an oval shaped or extended diamond ring. It will look great on you as per your fingers. The long diamonds have an advantage that they can make short fingers look slim. But you must not do it in excess as it can make your fingers look too gaudy as well.

Choose a wedding ring that suits your life style. As you are going to wear it for ever, it should be comfortable. The design should be such that it does not get struck with your clothes or other things.

Even if you do not get your type of wedding ring in your size, there is nothing to feel disheartened. You have still an option saved for you. Get your wedding ring made on order. There are many jewelry shops that make customized rings on order. After taking your size, the jeweler would note down your demands for design, material and stone for making your favorite ring. You can have it hand made, as per your needs as well. Well it is possible for the shop owner to ask for a little extra charges for your plus size wedding ring. But those extra dollars should not pinch you at all as you are getting your wedding ring in your size and taste!

I have discovered a great advantage of plus size wedding rings— they carry the design crafted on them quite elegantly because they are generally big and wide. The more wide a ring, the more beautiful the design looks on them. So be confident of your size and get your best wedding ring according to it. [610 Words]

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Your Relations » How to Become a Better Listener


How to Become a Better Listener

Posted in General, Relationship, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Blood Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:13 pm by Administrator

Listening is an integral part of the communication process but it is also the part that is overlooked most frequently. Many people spend a great deal of time polishing their speaking skills but put little or no effort into becoming a better listener. The art of listening really isn’t very difficult and you can improve your listening skills in just a few simple steps.

Perhaps the most important tip for being a better listener is to give the speaker your undivided attention. Be sure to concentrate on the speakers words and resist the temptations to tune out their message. While speaking on the phone many people participate in other activities such as checking email, reading newspapers and other activities that distract from the conversation. Even in a face to face situation many listeners zone out by either thinking about their response to the speaker or daydreaming about something completely off topic. By allowing yourself to be distracted, you are not listening as well as you could be. Even just a small amount of distraction could result in you missing a critical point of the speaker’s presentation. Focusing 100% on the speaker, however, will ensure that you are listening well and taking in all of the pertinent information.

Part of being a good listener is making sure that everything you hear comes directly from the speaker and not from your interpretation of their words. This means that as the speaker is talking, listen to the words as they are being spoken instead of trying to guess the point that the speaker is trying to make. Many people are guilty of jumping to conclusions this way and this hurts their listening ability. People who do this often don’t hear the speaker’s message because it is blocked out by their own assumptions. Good listeners take in information as the words are spoken instead of thinking ahead and forming their own conclusions.

Creating mental images of the speaker’s words is another way to become a better listener. This visualization process allows you to really comprehend the words you are hearing. Visualization techniques can enhance the way that people process information. These mental images will help you to retain the information you have just heard and this enhanced comprehension makes you a better listener.

Asking questions that relate to the speaker’s presentation can also help you to become a better listener. It’s important to ask questions without allowing the formulation of the questions to interfere with your listening. If you latch onto one of the speaker’s key points and spend the rest of the conversation thinking up a question you will miss a lot of information. However, if you ask your questions immediately when they arise, you can have them answered in the context of the presentation without having it affect your listening abilities. Asking questions is an important part of listening because it lets the speaker know that you are following what he is saying and that you are interested in learning more about the topic.

Being mindful of your body language is another way to be a good listener. Be sure to not engage in body language that tells the speaker that you are not interested in their words. Crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact and wincing are all ways that you can send a message to a speaker that you are not listening carefully to them. These mannerisms can result in the conversation being cut short because the speaker does not feel you are interested in what they are saying.

Practicing your listening skills is another way to become a better listener. Make a conscientious effort to apply your listening skills each time you speak to someone or attend a presentation. You can practice your listening skills by remaining completely focused on the conversation or presentation, not trying to guess what the speaker is about to say, creating mental images of the spoken words and asking pertinent questions to affirm what you have just heard. Each time you have the opportunity to listen try to work on these elements.

While listening skills are not as widely practiced as speaking skills, they are just as important to a conversation. Being a good listener will not only ensure that you are receiving information but will affirm to the speaker that you care about the information being presented and that you understand their message.

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Your Relations » Safe Sex Tips


Safe Sex Tips

Posted in General, Relationship, Relation Advice, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Blood Relation at 8:24 pm by Administrator

Practicing safe sex greatly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. While no methods of safe sex, with the exception of abstinence, are 100% effective if you do engage it sexual activity, it is better to use protection because doing so is definitely much safer than not using any form of protection. While various forms of protection are not foolproof, using them will greatly reduce your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. While there are a multitude of safe sex methods available this article will outline only a fraction of these methods including, abstinence and monogamy, both male and female condoms, and oral contraception.

The only truly safe method of preventing both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence. This is the only safe sex method that is 100% effective against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. While abstinence may be a completely foolproof safe sex method, it is also not the chosen safe sex method for very many people. If you are unwilling to engage in abstinence as a safe sex method, it is highly recommended that you at least only engage in sexual activities with a monogamous partner. Monogamy means that neither you nor your partner are engaging in sexual activity with anyone else besides each other. Monogamy is not an effective method of birth control but it is effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases. As long as you and your partner are free of diseases, you will remain that way for at least as long as you remain monogamous. Abstinence and monogamy are both highly effective safe sex methods. Abstinence is effective at preventing both pregnancy and diseases while monogamy helps to prevent diseases only.

In terms of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, the condom is one the only truly effective methods available. If used properly condoms can be very effective in preventing not only sexually transmitted diseases but also unwanted pregnancies. Male condoms are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in drug stores, grocery stores and even vending machines. Condoms are also available in both male and female versions. The male condom is the one most often used. The male condom is a thin sheath, usually made of latex that fits over the penis and acts as a barrier to the exchange of bodily fluids during intercourse. If used correctly every time the male condom is 97%-98% effective against preventing pregnancy and is also highly effective in terms of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Even if they are not used correctly condemns are still 88%-90% effective in terms of preventing pregnancy. While condoms, if used correctly, are highly effective birth control methods as well as sexually transmitted disease deterrents, they are still not 100% reliable and you should understand that you still run the risk of pregnancy or disease even if you are using a condom. The female condom is a polyurethane sheath that lines the entire vagina. The closed end is inserted into the vagina and the open end remains outside the body. The female condom has only been available since the 1990s and its high cost and scarce availability contribute to it not being used widely as a safe sex method. Both male and female condoms are effective methods for both avoiding pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Use of oral contraception such as birth control pills is highly effective for preventing pregnancy but is not useful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Oral contraception is a pill that is taken daily and utilizes hormonal supplements to prevent pregnancy by creating an environment that is not conducive to fertilization. When used correctly the pill is 97%-99 effective in preventing pregnancy but does absolutely nothing to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. There are many side effects to using the pill but most of these side effects are relatively mild. Some side effects include weight changes, nausea, irritability and breast tenderness. Although none of these side effects are severe, fortunately, many of them can also be avoided all together. There are a variety of pills available on the market today and these pills vary in the amount of hormones that they contain. If you are experiencing unwanted side effects with one version of the pill, speak to your doctor about your discomfort and they will probably be able to recommend another brand that will eliminate or diminish these side effects. While oral contraception is easy to use, free of severe side effects and highly effective against preventing pregnancy, it is not at all effective against preventing sexually transmitted diseases and if you are not positive that your partner is free of disease, you should always use another safe sex method to prevent these diseases.

Practicing safe sex can involve taking measures to avoid pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or both. While abstinence is the only safe sex method that is 100% effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted there are other highly effective options for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Monogamy with a disease free partner and condoms can help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms along with birth control pills are also effective in terms of preventing pregnancy.

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Your Relations » Wedding Decoration


Wedding Decoration

Posted in General, Relations, Relationship, Relation Advice, About Relationship, Human Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:21 pm by Administrator

The hall or the church where the couples to be married is usually decorated with ribbons and flowers done by professionals but the cheaper way is to do it yourself or get your family and friends to help you. You can buy lots of threads of ribbon from your local craft store and well you know how easy flowers are to get. All you need is a teaching techniques book for the flowers and you are on your way to saving yourself a lot of money.

Every wedding runs over budget but these things can’t be helped, you can cut down on your wedding decoration costs by doing most of it yourself or have your family do it for you. Make your own decorations, candles in wreaths of flowers are a good one and though you may think it is hard to do it, it really isn’t, just purchase a home teaching book and you are half way there! Items can be picked up so much cheaper if you shop for them yourself than if you leave it for the professionals to do, they always seem to have a knack of purchasing really expensive items then billing you for it…Hmm I wonder why?

One thing to be sure of when you are doing your wedding decorations is that your reception hall is beautifully decorated as that is where you will spend the rest of the night partying and eating away. That is also what your guests will go to do. The wedding is not all about you anymore, oh no, it is about keeping those guests happy and preventing any wedding crashers! During the ceremony you want to have stunning pictures taken and that can’t happen if there is no beautiful decorations except you and your partner. Also choosing a venue is important to some places won’t let you do the decorating and you will have to pay extra for them to do it, and some places won’t allow it at all.

When choosing your wedding decorations make sure that they are not too bright and are going to take all the attention of you as a couple, as you need all the attention you can get as this is your big day, not the decorations’ big day! Remember also that they can be a lot cheaper than what most pay for them so keep your eye out for a bargain and who knows what you will find!

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Your Relations » 10 Tips for Blind Dating


10 Tips for Blind Dating

Posted in General, Relationship, Relation Advice, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Blood Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:07 pm by Administrator

In many ways blind dating is no different than any other type of dating. The basic elements of dating still exist but you do need to exercise more caution in a blind date. Like any other date you want a blind date to go well so that you can ensure yourself a second date. However, while it is important to exercise caution in all types of dating it’s even more important in blind dating. Another factor unique to blind dating is getting set up with a great date. While this may not always be in your hands there are some ways that you can take some initiative in this area.

Like any date the key to a blind date is setting yourself up for a second date. Arranging a fun date and being interesting to your date are two keys to achieving a second date. In making conversation on a blind date, it is important to take an interest in what your date has to say. Doing this will let them know that you are interested in getting to know them better. Also, try speaking about subjects that you really enjoy. This will make you not only sound more natural but will also make you sound more interesting.

Dressing to impress is also critical to a blind date. In meeting someone for the first time you will want to ensure that you make a good first impression. You don’t always know how much a blind date already knows about you but it doesn’t hurt to show up for the date looking as though you have put a great deal of effort into your appearance. You’re date will appreciate the effort and be flattered by your going out of your way to impress them.

One key factor to blind dating is to exercise caution in meeting your date. Even if you are being set up by a close friend you can’t be positive that they know the person they are setting you up with very well. It’s best to set up an initial meeting in a well lit and populated location. Never agree to meet someone you don’t know at a secluded location. While your blind date may be a wonderful person with no intentions of hurting you, it’s best to exercise caution on a blind date.

Another factor unique to the blind dating situation is getting yourself set up with a great date. You may have several friends that are interested in setting you up with a friend or relative whom they think is just perfect for you but try not to agree to go on a blind date that is set up by someone who doesn’t know you very well. If they don’t know you well, then don’t trust them to choose a date for you. However, if you have a friend who does know you very well, don’t hesitate to drop hints about what you are looking for in a date. Those who know you best are most likely to set you up with a compatible blind date.

Making an honest effort to have a good time on your date is another tip that can lead to a successful blind date. If you go into a blind date with the attitude that things won’t work out, you will most likely unconsciously put a damper on the date. Your date may sense your lack of enthusiasm and in turn won’t be inspired to put an effort into having a good time either.

Another tip for blind dating is to be sure to end the date appropriately. Many people may recommend that when going on a blind date you have a backup plan in place such as having a friend call you shortly after the date starts to give you an excuse to leave if things aren’t going well but doing this just isn’t right. Instead extend your blind date the same common courtesy that you would any other date and be willing to complete the entire date. If neither party is having a good time, it’s acceptable to end the date early and just agree that you weren’t compatible but don’t be too quick to give up on the date. Also, at the conclusion of the date be honest about your feelings towards your date. If things just didn’t work out, don’t be afraid to let them know instead of offering empty promises of future dates. However, if you truly enjoyed your date, let your partner know and take the opportunity to suggest a second date.

Bringing a friend along is another tip for blind dating. This is helpful for a couple of reasons. First if your blind date had any malicious intentions towards you, having a friend along is likely to spoil his plan. Secondly a friend may be able to ease the tension and break the ice by getting the conversation started. While the addition of an extra person on a date may seem awkward, having them there can provide emotional spirit and an additional comfort level.

Even if the date is going well, another tip for blind dating is to end the date after 2-3 hours. This is an adequate amount of time for two people to get to know each other on a date and determine whether or not they would be interested in a second date. Blind dates that last longer than this often reach a point where the couple runs out of things to talk about and the date can stagnate leaving a negative feeling at the end of the date. Keeping the date short can help you to end the date on a positive note and will leave you with more to talk about on a second date.

Being yourself is important on any date but it’s critical on a blind date. A blind date deals with someone who does not know you so it’s important to give them a true sense of yourself on your date. You may get away with pretending to be something you are not on the first date but it may lead to trouble in future dates as your date realizes you were phony on the first date.

Finally, treat your blind date with the same courtesy that you would any other date. You may not know the person you are dating but it is important to arrive on time, be polite and put an honest effort into the date. Your blind date is just as deserving of these courtesies as any other person you have dated. A blind date is no excuse to let your manners lapse and mistreat your date.

For the most part blind dating does not differ from any other dating situation. However, there are a few things unique to blind dating of which you should be aware. Most importantly it is critical that you not put yourself in danger by agreeing to meet a blind date in a secluded location. Another unique aspect of the blind date is that you are often set up by a friend or family member so you have the opportunity to learn what they think would be a suitable match for you. Beyond the specifics related to blind dating, the rules of regular dating still hold true. If you are polite, genuine, fun and interested in your date you will be likely to score a second date.

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Your Relations » Hosting a Wedding in Your Home


Hosting a Wedding in Your Home

Posted in General, Relationship, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Blood Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:26 pm by Administrator

Large venues such as catering halls make an elegant wedding location but for a more intimate gathering you might want to consider hosting your wedding either at your own home or the home of a close friend or relative. A wedding hosted at a private home can be a lovely and memorable affair that is sure to be enjoyed by all of the guests. There are plenty of advantages to hosting your wedding in a private home including having increased freedom in making choices and providing your guests with a warm casual atmosphere. The downside of hosting a wedding in a private home include the inconvenience and strain placed on the owner of the home and limitations on the number of guest that you can accommodate as well as whether or not it is feasible to hire a caterer.

One of the distinct advantages to hosting a wedding in your home is that there is more freedom in decorating and food choices. Many catering halls have a few options for linens, china and decorations and a limited menu but you are limited by their pre-existing constraints. While sometimes it is easy to simply go along with the template offered by the catering hall, it just doesn’t give the couple much creativity in planning their wedding. In a private home you are free to buy or rent any decorations, linens and china that you choose and use these to set the atmosphere for your wedding. You are also free to hire your own caterer or even take care of food preparations yourself. This freedom gives the couple the opportunity to allow the wedding to truly reflect their personalities. They can opt to have the wedding be as formal or casual as they wish and they may choose to incorporate any imaginable theme in their wedding.

The other advantage to hosting a wedding in your home is the warm casual atmosphere that it provides for your guests. The formality of catering halls makes some people very uncomfortable. Furthermore they often feel obligated to dress formally for an event that is held at a catering hall. While the couple may still opt for a certain degree of formality, many of the guests will feel more relaxed at a wedding hosted in a private home. While they may still dress formally, the absence of a doting wait staff and other stuffy personnel allows the guests to relax more and enjoy the wedding. Informal seating such as couches and loveseats in a living room lend even further to the idea that guests are meant to relax.

One distinct disadvantage to hosting a wedding in a private home is that although the homeowner originally agreed to host the wedding, they may feel increased pressure as the wedding approaches. The homeowner may begin to feel a great deal of stress related to preparing the home for the wedding. The homeowner may feel obligated to partake in rigorous cleaning efforts or purchase additional decoration items in preparation for the wedding. One way to reduce this stress is to enlist the assistance of a cleaning service so that the homeowner does not continue to worry about the cleanliness of the home. You also may want to speak to the homeowner to let them know that you appreciate their efforts but that you are perfectly happy with the home just the way it is and you don’t wish them to go to anymore trouble to prepare for the wedding.

Another disadvantage to hosting a wedding in a private home is that the size of the home may restrict the number of guest. While it is true that most catering halls have maximum occupancy restrictions as well, most of these commercial venues are capable of seating far more guests than even the most extravagant home. If you have a large family or many friends and plan to have many guests then hosting your wedding in a private home may not be a feasible option. However, if you plan on having only a small number of guests then a wedding in a private home may be a wonderful option. The size of the home also factors into your decision to hire a caterer. A home with a small kitchen could be problematic if the caterers intend to prepare all of the food onsite.

Hosting a wedding in a private home can be a wonderful idea. This type of wedding works best if you have a relatively small number of guests and are looking for a casual atmosphere that provides endless decoration possibilities. On the other hand hosting your wedding in a private home may not be feasible if the homeowner is neurotic about cleaning or if you are planning to have a large number of guests in attendance.

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Your Relations » 10 Tips for Setting a Budget and Sticking to It


10 Tips for Setting a Budget and Sticking to It

Posted in General, Relations, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Blood Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:13 pm by Administrator

Budget concerns can be one of the most prominent sources of disagreement for a couple in the process of planning their wedding. The couple may have different ideas about what type of wedding they want and also about what they can afford. It is important for the couple to discuss financial constraints before the wedding planning goes too far.

The first tip for setting a budget and sticking to it is to have a conversation regarding finances well before the wedding planning starts in earnest. It is important that everyone involved in the decision making process of the wedding understand just how much money is available to be spent on the wedding.

Another tip for setting a budget and sticking to it is to start saving early for your wedding. Putting aside a portion of each paycheck for awhile can add up to a sizable savings that can be used for your wedding. This advanced planning and saving will allow you to maximize the budget that is available to you for your wedding planning.

Once the budget has been established, set it aside for a few days and then review it again. This time away from the budget gives those involved the chance to let the information settle in and the review of the budget after this waiting period gives the participants the opportunity to verify that they understand and agree to the budget. This is important because if someone does not agree with the budget, they may be likely to overspend in one area leaving the budget in jeopardy.

After an overall budget is established it is important to divide the total amount appropriately to establish budgets for items such as the venue, food and drink, the bride’s attire, the groom’s attire, transportation, entertainment, photography, favors, centerpieces, gifts for the wedding party and even gifts for each other. It is also important to partition a small amount of money for incidentals to account for small unexpected expenses.

In establishing a budget it is also important to be clear about who will be paying for what items. For example, if the groom’s family offers to pay for the centerpieces and you choose to let them, this will allow you to divert your previously designated centerpiece budget to other aspects of the wedding. The key to sticking to your wedding budget is to be aware of who has agreed to pay for what.

It is important that budgets for each individual aspect of the wedding be established to enable you to follow this next tip. This tip advises the couple to be mindful of their budgets for each individual component of the wedding before negotiating contracts for services. If you know that you have allotted $250 for entertainment you would be wise to seek out a DJ that is offering his services for approximately that amount and then negotiate your contract to ensure that you remain under budge.

Doing as many things as you can on your own is another way to ensure that you are sticking to your budget. Crafts and homemade invitations can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding. For example making your own favors or centerpieces can greatly reduce your costs and free up additional budget for other areas of the wedding.

Another tip for sticking to your wedding budget is to not view the budget as restrictive. If instead of thinking about the things that you can’t afford, you focus on how you can make your wedding and reception truly unique you will be inspired to create a fabulous and memorable wedding despite your budget constraints.

Still another tip for sticking to your wedding budget is to shop around and comparison shop for services. A limousine company may come highly recommended but if they are not in your price range, don’t be afraid to let them know why you are going to have to choose another company and you may be surprised at how soon they are willing to give you a different offer.

A final tip for creating and sticking to a budget is to realize that there are bound to be snags along the way. As long as you remain cognizant of your spending and realize the ramifications of your actions you are likely to realize that if you go over budget in one area, you will need to modify other areas by reducing their total budget.

A wedding budget can be a serious cause of emotional strain on a couple. It is important for them to discuss their finances and establish a budget for their wedding plans. Doing this early on in the wedding planning process can help the couple to avoid conflict during the planning phase of the wedding.

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Your Relations » Need a Good Online Wedding Resource? Try the Wedding Channel


Need a Good Online Wedding Resource? Try the Wedding Channel

Posted in General, Relations, Family Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:16 pm by Administrator

Having the most up-to-date wedding information at your fingertips is essential. Long gone are the days when you had to drive all over town searching for a list of items. You will undoubtedly use the Internet to obtain wedding information quickly. While there are many websites that offer wedding information, the Wedding Channel is one of the more trusted sources for information. What makes the Wedding Channel such a good source? Let’s take a look.

It’s true that the Internet is a valuable resource for just about any kind of information you need. However, not all websites provide information that you can use. The information that is available is often duplicated and not about something new and innovative. In some instances you will have to research several websites to find the information you need. The Wedding Channel features articles about the most current topics in wedding planning. Most of the articles that are available on the Wedding Channel are written by industry professionals, so you can rest assured that the articles contain information you can use.

The articles that are available on the Wedding Channel are categorized so that you can easily locate what you need. Whether you need ideas for decorating your wedding venue or tools for planning your ceremony, the Wedding Channel can help. There is also a search function that enables you to search for a keyword throughout the entire website. There is also a directory featuring professionals who can assist you with your wedding. The directory is organized according to regions, so you simply select your region and the search returns a list of wedding vendors in your area. If you need to show someone the list, the results page contains an e-mail feature so that you can easily forward the list.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting extras? The Wedding Channel partners with some of the largest retail shops including Tiffany and Company, Bloomingdale’s, Pottery Barn, and Neiman Marcus, as well as hotels. There are opportunities on the Wedding Channel for you to win prizes through some of these partners. You can also register with these shops at the Wedding Channel website. In addition to obtaining special deals from the Wedding Channel, you can also manage all the registries that you have already setup. You will need to register with the Wedding Channel website and then log in to view your personal information. There is also a wedding registry guide in this area of the Wedding Channel to assist you.

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Your Relations » 10 Incredibly Nice Things to Do For Him


10 Incredibly Nice Things to Do For Him

Posted in General, Relations, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Human Relation, Marital Relationships at 9:09 pm by Administrator

There are a number of incredibly nice things that you can do for the man in your life to let him know how much he means to you. Really thinking about his personality and hobbies and personalizing your gestures will demonstrate that you care about him. You will surprise the man in your life with your thoughtful and tailored gestures.

One incredibly nice thing you could do for him is to make arrangement to have his car professionally detailed. Many men take pride in their car and enjoy spending their time to make sure it looks and runs its best. You can let him know that you understand his fascination with his car by making the arrangements to have the car detailed. If you know that he will be out of town for a few days, try making the arrangements for that time so that it will be a surprise for him when he returns. If you are unable to do this in secret, go ahead and let him know about your plans. It’s okay that it won’t be a surprise because he will probably enjoy being involved in the process.

Another incredibly nice thing that you can do for the special man in your life is to take the responsibility of completing a chore around the house that he usually performs. For example if he usually takes care of mowing the lawn, plan to come home from work early one day to mow the lawn before he gets home. He will not only be excited to not have to take care of this chore but will also be excited that you recognize the effort he puts forth into completing this chore.

Purchasing a gadget that your man has his eye on is another nice thing to do for him. Many men enjoy all types of gadgets and gizmos and figuring out one that he is interested in and purchasing it for him will be a very welcomed gift. It will also show him that you were paying attention while he was talking about this gadget and you understand how much it means to him. He will appreciate that while it may not be something you would want for yourself, you realize that it is something that he will enjoy.

Still another incredibly nice thing to do for him is to take control of plans for a date. Men are usually the ones who are in charge of planning and paying for dates so he will be grateful for you making date arrangements for a night. Carefully plan out a fun date filled with activities that he will enjoy and don’t rely on him to take care of any of the details. Make the arrangements, drive to the destination and pay for the date. The man in your life will feel pampered for the evening and will enjoy having the stress of date planning off his shoulders.

Surprising the man in your life by meeting him at work and taking him out to lunch or on a picnic is another incredibly nice thing you can do for him. He will enjoy getting out of the office for awhile and having some extra time to spend with you. The element of surprise will let him know that you are thinking of him. Also, having a break in his day where he can relax and enjoy your company will make the rest of the day seem to go by much more quickly for him.

Another incredibly nice thing you can do for the man in your life is to pick up a magazine or book relating to an interest he has while you are out shopping. Doing so will let him know that you understand his interest and that you want him to have some time to enjoy thinking about his favorite hobby. It also shows that you even while you were just out running a few errands you were thinking about him.

Learning about the man in your life’s favorite sport is another nice thing to do for him. He may enjoy spending his weekends watching his favorite sports teams and, if you are not normally a fan of this sport, you will surprise him by taking an active interest. Try doing some research on your own to learn a little more about his favorite sport and team and the next time he is watching a game, sit with him and ask pertinent questions. He will be astonished at your knowledge and eager to teach you more.

Another incredibly nice thing to do for a man is to buy him flowers. Women receive flowers for special occasions and sometimes for no reason at all but men don’t often receive flowers very often so showing up with a bouquet for him will be a welcomed surprise. He will appreciate the novelty of the gift and be delighted with the gesture.

If your taste in music differs from that of the man in your life, one incredibly nice thing you can do for him is to purchase tickets to see his favorite band in concert. While the music may not be your first choice, it’s something he enjoys so give him a chance to indulge himself. He will be excited to share his music with you and will be glad that you are interested in hearing the music with him.

Finally another nice thing to do for a man is to learn to barbeque. Many men greatly enjoy barbequed foods and have even been known to brave freezing temperatures to enjoy a barbequed steak in the dead of winter. While many men love the chance to barbeque they would also appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a barbeque without having to do any of the work. Preparing a barbeque will let him know that you realize it’s a meal he enjoys and that you appreciate the effort he usually puts forward to prepare this meal.

Doing something incredibly nice for a man doesn’t have to be extravagant or complicated. Simple gestures that show that you understand his thoughts and feelings are those that will be most appreciated. In surprising the man in your life with some of these examples or other applicable things you will let him know how important he is to you.

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Your Relations » Pick Antique Wedding Rings to Stand Class Apart!


Pick Antique Wedding Rings to Stand Class Apart!

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Are you planning to buy some different and unique wedding rings for your wedding? And are you fond of antique jewelry and antique collection as well? Well, if you are affirmative with these two questions, you should definitely consider buying antique wedding rings for your wedding. Yes, these classy wedding rings would be an appropriate choice for your wedding.

So let’s take a look into various aspects, features and consideration of antique wedding rings.

Before moving deeper into the subject of antique wedding rings, why not understand the difference between antique wedding rings and estate wedding rings. Well, antique wedding rings refer to very old rings (over 50 years old). And “estate” wedding rings can be anything less than 50 years old. It also includes a ring that someone has brought last year only. If you want to consider some genuine antique wedding rings, you should prefer the ones which were made before 1950.

An alternative name for antique wedding rings is “vintage wedding rings” which is used by several jewelers to give these rings a more classy appeal. On the other hand, some people also denote antique rings as “old rings”, as they were made quite a time back. However, it doesn’t matter what names you coin for antique wedding rings, they would still remain a form of antique wedding rings.

Now, coming back to antique wedding rings, let us discuss some of the prominent types and forms of antique rings, along with the era in which they were made.

Victorian Wedding Rings (1800-1900)
Victorian rings are the oldest forms of antique wedding rings. These were crafted during the newly incepted industrial revolution, when the diamond mines of South Africa were discovered. A typical Victorian wedding ring features a row of diamonds which are carved with an additional surface on the bottom called the mine cut. Pearls were also included in the history of Victorian rings for the very special occasions.

Edwardian Wedding Rings (1900-1920)
The era of Edwardian jewelry prominently featured the usage of platinum, pearls, gold and diamonds. These metals were adroitly crafted into the delicate and lacy shapes of rings called the “Edwardian”. This name was coined after Edward VII took the throne of England, after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. The wedding rings of this era contained scrollwork, filigree details and milgraining. The usage of brilliant sapphires was also practiced in the Edwardian wedding rings.

Art Deco Wedding Rings (1920-1930)
The age of 20’s was full of exploration, exoticism and machinery. Amongst the blend of these three, the term “art deco” originated and became famous from the Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925. The art deco wedding rings are famous for their geometric shapes, contrasting gemstones and complementary colors. These wedding rings are one of the preferred choices of people when it comes to buying antique wedding rings.

While buying any of the antique wedding rings, you should give a careful attention towards the craftsmanship of the ring. This factor can really make a difference in your selection of your antique wedding ring. You should avoid the replica rings of the antique ones as they would look poor and won’t be able to hold the charisma and quality of the original one.

So, have a very happy wedding! [549 Words]

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