Considerations in choosing the right name for your baby girl

Choosing the name for your baby is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you have to make in your family life. It may not be as crucial as perhaps deciding on financial matters but it is nevertheless special.

The choosing process need not be hard if you know how to have fun and you know just where your priorities lie. Most parents would already have an idea where they will get the name of their baby. Some parents use the names of their own parents while others borrow from the names of relatives, friends and other special people that touched their lives. A few parents even consult numerologists to calculate lucky names for their baby girls.

Media personalities are another important source of baby names. It is a known fact, for example, that during the time when Britney was very famous, a lot of baby girls were named after the famous pop star. Other who are very religious name their kids after famous saints while most just rely on pure instincts and just choose the name that they really like or the name that first popped into their minds.

Right now, there is a trend going about giving multiple names to babies. Most children will have two or more given names and will have completely different nicknames! Is that not enough to give any child a headache?

It is well and good to rely on instincts but parents should also take into consideration some factors like for example the initials that will be formed by the names and the surname. For instance Rizza Altricia Thompson will have an initial of RAT. Although, this would not seem evident at the start, the RAT initials may become one of the sore points in your child’s life and may even be a source of teasing for her.

Parents should also consider the gender of the child. In giving girls’ names for example, it is good to choose feminine names. Although male names have already been given to girls, there is no discounting the benefit that a feminine name will give. Besides, it will be hard for your child to explain to people that she is a girl given a boy’s name.

In using the names of your relatives, it is best to use them as a middle name or a second name rather than the first name. This will give your child her own identity and will separate her from the relatives whose name she uses.

Unique spellings may also be good and unique but temper how unique you go with the names that you give. Remember that your little girl will live with that name for the rest of her life and in a way be marked by it. Names that are really hard to understand or spell may pose a problem later in life.

In registering the names for the birth certificate, make sure that you have the spellings of the name right and that you will be using that name for her. Changing your mind after making the birth certificate can make things difficult for your child especially in legal matters when she has to present her birth certificate and be known by a different name. Misspellings can also pose a problem, so make sure that every data in the birth record is in apple pie order


Wedding Decoration

The hall or the church where the couples to be married is usually decorated with ribbons and flowers done by professionals but the cheaper way is to do it yourself or get your family and friends to help you. You can buy lots of threads of ribbon from your local craft store and well you know how easy flowers are to get. All you need is a teaching techniques book for the flowers and you are on your way to saving yourself a lot of money.

Every wedding runs over budget but these things can’t be helped, you can cut down on your wedding decoration costs by doing most of it yourself or have your family do it for you. Make your own decorations, candles in wreaths of flowers are a good one and though you may think it is hard to do it, it really isn’t, just purchase a home teaching book and you are half way there! Items can be picked up so much cheaper if you shop for them yourself than if you leave it for the professionals to do, they always seem to have a knack of purchasing really expensive items then billing you for it…Hmm I wonder why?

One thing to be sure of when you are doing your wedding decorations is that your reception hall is beautifully decorated as that is where you will spend the rest of the night partying and eating away. That is also what your guests will go to do. The wedding is not all about you anymore, oh no, it is about keeping those guests happy and preventing any wedding crashers! During the ceremony you want to have stunning pictures taken and that can’t happen if there is no beautiful decorations except you and your partner. Also choosing a venue is important to some places won’t let you do the decorating and you will have to pay extra for them to do it, and some places won’t allow it at all.

When choosing your wedding decorations make sure that they are not too bright and are going to take all the attention of you as a couple, as you need all the attention you can get as this is your big day, not the decorations’ big day! Remember also that they can be a lot cheaper than what most pay for them so keep your eye out for a bargain and who knows what you will find!


Safe Sex Tips

Practicing safe sex greatly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. While no methods of safe sex, with the exception of abstinence, are 100% effective if you do engage it sexual activity, it is better to use protection because doing so is definitely much safer than not using any form of protection. While various forms of protection are not foolproof, using them will greatly reduce your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. While there are a multitude of safe sex methods available this article will outline only a fraction of these methods including, abstinence and monogamy, both male and female condoms, and oral contraception.

The only truly safe method of preventing both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence. This is the only safe sex method that is 100% effective against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. While abstinence may be a completely foolproof safe sex method, it is also not the chosen safe sex method for very many people. If you are unwilling to engage in abstinence as a safe sex method, it is highly recommended that you at least only engage in sexual activities with a monogamous partner. Monogamy means that neither you nor your partner are engaging in sexual activity with anyone else besides each other. Monogamy is not an effective method of birth control but it is effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases. As long as you and your partner are free of diseases, you will remain that way for at least as long as you remain monogamous. Abstinence and monogamy are both highly effective safe sex methods. Abstinence is effective at preventing both pregnancy and diseases while monogamy helps to prevent diseases only.

In terms of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, the condom is one the only truly effective methods available. If used properly condoms can be very effective in preventing not only sexually transmitted diseases but also unwanted pregnancies. Male condoms are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in drug stores, grocery stores and even vending machines. Condoms are also available in both male and female versions. The male condom is the one most often used. The male condom is a thin sheath, usually made of latex that fits over the penis and acts as a barrier to the exchange of bodily fluids during intercourse. If used correctly every time the male condom is 97%-98% effective against preventing pregnancy and is also highly effective in terms of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Even if they are not used correctly condemns are still 88%-90% effective in terms of preventing pregnancy. While condoms, if used correctly, are highly effective birth control methods as well as sexually transmitted disease deterrents, they are still not 100% reliable and you should understand that you still run the risk of pregnancy or disease even if you are using a condom. The female condom is a polyurethane sheath that lines the entire vagina. The closed end is inserted into the vagina and the open end remains outside the body. The female condom has only been available since the 1990s and its high cost and scarce availability contribute to it not being used widely as a safe sex method. Both male and female condoms are effective methods for both avoiding pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Use of oral contraception such as birth control pills is highly effective for preventing pregnancy but is not useful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Oral contraception is a pill that is taken daily and utilizes hormonal supplements to prevent pregnancy by creating an environment that is not conducive to fertilization. When used correctly the pill is 97%-99 effective in preventing pregnancy but does absolutely nothing to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. There are many side effects to using the pill but most of these side effects are relatively mild. Some side effects include weight changes, nausea, irritability and breast tenderness. Although none of these side effects are severe, fortunately, many of them can also be avoided all together. There are a variety of pills available on the market today and these pills vary in the amount of hormones that they contain. If you are experiencing unwanted side effects with one version of the pill, speak to your doctor about your discomfort and they will probably be able to recommend another brand that will eliminate or diminish these side effects. While oral contraception is easy to use, free of severe side effects and highly effective against preventing pregnancy, it is not at all effective against preventing sexually transmitted diseases and if you are not positive that your partner is free of disease, you should always use another safe sex method to prevent these diseases.

Practicing safe sex can involve taking measures to avoid pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or both. While abstinence is the only safe sex method that is 100% effective against pregnancy and sexually transmitted there are other highly effective options for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Monogamy with a disease free partner and condoms can help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms along with birth control pills are also effective in terms of preventing pregnancy.


10 Great Places to Meet New Women

There are a lot of great women out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams but finding these available women can take a little creativity. Sure there are plenty of single women at bars and nightclubs but the competition is also tough with many men also trying to meet women and women are usually on guard at these locations so getting through their defenses can be difficult. Instead of battling other men for a woman’s affection at a bar, try meeting women in new locations. Specifically locations that sport a high female to male ration will enhance your chances of meeting new women.

A woman’s clothing store is a great place to meet new women. Not only is this location filled with women but it is also almost completely devoid of other men. Many men avoid a woman’s clothing store like the plague so if you are brave enough to venture inside you will have an assortment of women to choose from. You can start a conversation by asking a woman for advice for a gift for your sister or by complimenting her on her purchases.

The gym can also be another great place to meet new women. While you may already spend hours a day pumping iron in the weight room try spending some time on a cardio machine or drop in on an aerobics or yoga class. These activities are typically dominated by women so engaging in these activities increases your chance of meeting women while at the gym.

Another great place to meet new women is in an adult continuing education class. Many community colleges offer night classes on a variety of subjects. Try signing up for a class or two and you may find that you meet a variety of new women. The key to choosing a class is to not only choose a class that sounds interesting but to also choose a class that is likely to consist of mostly women such as cooking classes or pottery classes.

The Internet is always an option for meeting women. You can try placing a personals ad online or join a dating service to read profiles of available men. There are so many personals sites available that it would almost be impossible not to find a suitable match. Just be sure to exercise caution and not give out your contact information or agree to meet anyone in a secluded location.

Hobby and craft stores are also excellent places to meet new women. Many women enjoy activities in arts and craft and often frequent these types of stores to purchase items for craft projects. More importantly though this is a hobby that does not attract many men so you will most likely be one of only a few men in the store.

Tanning spas or salons can be great places to meet new women. Again, these locations aren’t frequented by men so you are most likely to be one of the only men present. If you are attracted to women who put a lot of effort into their appearance the salon is definitely the place to go. Here you will find women who are committed to their appearance and who will appreciate you for your ability to understand that a manicure is just as important to men as it is to women.

If you are in search of a woman with interests similar to yours, a bookstore might just be the place for you. Try visiting a bookstore and only searching sections of the bookstore that interest you. Forget about attempting to determine what section might attract the most women and stick to the sections that hold your interests. You might be pleasantly surprised to meet a new woman who shares your passion for restoring old cars.

Sporting events can also be a great place to meet women who either share your love of sports or are in search of men themselves. You may attend a baseball game and wind up meeting a woman who shares your love of sports or you may at least meet a woman who is trying to meet a man. Sporting events are typically well attended by men so it’s possible that the women you meet at a sporting event are trying to put the odds in their favor and use this opportunity to meet men.

Another great place to meet new women is the theater. Women are typically drawn to the arts and if you begin attending local theater productions you may find the opportunity to meet a variety of new women. Not many men take in plays or operas on their own so doing so will help you to stand out from the crowd and single women are more likely to notice you.

Finally a grocery story is a great place to meet new women. Women make up the larger percentage of grocery shoppers so as one of only few men the odds will be in your favor. Also, women typically are experienced shoppers and you can take this opportunity to ask for their assistance in picking out produce or choosing a pasta sauce. Women will be flattered by you asking their advice and may be open to inviting you to their place for a home cooked meal.

While bars and nightclubs are certainly full of available women the likelihood of meeting a woman at these locations is slim to none. Although many women frequent nightclubs and bars in the hopes of meeting a man, these are also locations where women feel vulnerable and are likely to have their defenses up making them unapproachable. Try frequenting other locations and you may have an easier time meeting available women with interests similar to your own.


10 Great Places to Meet New Men

If you are tired of searching for a man in the usual singles scenes such as bars and nightclubs, it may be time to broaden your horizons and try alternative locations for meeting men. If you think outside the box and begin exploring new locations you may find that meeting a man who shares your interests is easier than you thought. A few non traditional locations for meeting men include gyms, animal shelters, home improvement stores and sports bars. While these locations may contain a high male to female relationship it’s important to choose a location where you are comfortable to search for Mr. Right. If you don’t enjoy working out or are allergic to animals it would be best to avoid gyms and animal shelters in your quest for a mate because they will most likely lead to you finding a man who is not compatible with you. There are many locations that are filled with available men and these are great locations to meet new men.

The gym is a great place to meet new men. If you don’t already have a gym membership, sign up for your local gym and prepare to meet a multitude of new men. Even if you don’t find your Prince Charming at the gym, you will have at least had the opportunity to enjoy some physical activity. The gym is a great place to meet men for a number of reasons. First of all while women make up a significant percentage of the gym, men still make up the larger percentage of clientele at most gyms. Venturing into historically male dominated areas such as the weight room heightens your chance of meeting a new man. You can take the opportunity as one of the few women in the weight room to chat up a man and ask his advice.

If you are an animal lover, you can meet available new men at your local animal shelter. If you have a love for animals and a desire to meet a new man head on down to an animal shelter on a busy weekend afternoon. Here you may find many men in search of a canine companion. The bonus in this situation is that the single men are easy to spot. Men involved in a relationship wouldn’t consider adopting a dog without their partner’s input so you can be sure that if there isn’t a woman hanging on his arm, he is available.

Outdoor activities such as hiking also present an opportunity for meeting new men. Instead of dressing up and heading out to a chic nightclub in the evening try waking up early and hitting the hiking trails with one of your pals. If you are interested in meeting the rugged outdoors type of man, this can be your opportunity to meet an available man.

Anther great place to meet new men is a home improvement store. These stores are almost overrun with handy men. You may find the man of the dreams in the tool aisle or at the very least may find a man who is capable of fixing a leaky faucet for you. While home improvement and maintenance may not be your idea of a way to spend a Saturday evening you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of available men wandering the aisles of a home improvement store on a weekend night.

If you are interested in meeting an artistic man, coffee houses are another place to meet new men. The relaxed, cozy atmosphere of a coffee house provides the perfect mood to strike up a casual conversation with a new man. Coffee houses invite customers to linger over the coffee and this is the ideal opportunity to approach a man who catches your eye.

The woman who enjoys sports would be well advised to visit a sports bar on the night of an important local game to meet the man of her dreams. This location works wonders for meeting new many for a few reasons. First you will most likely be one of only a few women in the bar and secondly displaying any knowledge of the sport will charm the men in the bar.

If you have a specific interest or hobby, try taking a course on the subject. In doing so you will further your knowledge about your hobby and may meet a new man in the process. Many men enjoy taking courses and learning about new activities so you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the number of men in your class.

If you are the athletic type, you may find a great place to meet new men is in a local sports league. Try signing up for a recreational league in either a sport you enjoy or one that you have always wanted to learn. Some cities even have singles leagues that you might be interested in joining. This will give you the opportunity to meet a wealth of men who share you love of sports. Even if you don’t wind up meeting the man of the dreams you will have at least had the opportunity to participate in a sport you enjoy.

The technically inclined, modern woman may choose to meet new men online. There are plenty of dating sites available on the Internet that are just full of single men looking to make a love connection. You may find personals sites that cater to a specific interest or those that cater to specific demographic groups. Searching for a man online affords you the ability to read through personals ads at your leisure and allows you to search and sort men according to different categories.

Another great place to meet new men is a Laundromat. Even if you own your own washer and dryer, head on down to your local Laundromat and you are sure to meet available men. While the Laundromat may not be your ideal location for meeting a new man, there are some distinct advantages to meeting a man in a Laundromat. First you can be almost positive that a guy doing his laundry by himself is truly single and secondly it never hurt to meet a man who is capable of doing his own laundry.

If you find yourself frustrated with the lack of new men available at bars and nightclubs try venturing out to different locations to meet new men. The key to doing this is to choose an activity you enjoy and head out to an appropriate location in search of a compatible man. Men are out there doing just about every activity imaginable so whether you like artistic, athletic or handy men, there are more than a few places that are great for meeting new men.

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