Tips in finding the perfect name for your kid

Every parents wants the best for their kids. One of the things that they really want to be special is the name that they will give their children. A name is very important because it will serve as your child’s mark in her lifetime. It will be like an identity mark that she will be using in every transaction, in everything that she does.

Most parents would choose the name that first popped into their minds or the names that they really really like. Most of the names will come from popular names in the media or popular figures in recent history. Parents have the tendency to name their child after a person that they really admire, be it a celebrity or relative.

In giving names to your child, it is important that you also consider some factors:

1. Initials
Words that will be formed from the initials of the person will likely be a source of teasing and jokes. Be very careful in choosing the names of your child. For instance, the name Princess Irene Gonzales may be a really beautiful name but if you take a look at the initials that the name will form, PIG. This can become a source of anguish for your child.

2. Unique names
Choose a name that are unique but do not make it too unique. Remember that your child will be using the name you will give him and her in all the transactions and activities that they will encounter in their lifetimes. Having a name that is hard to pronounce and spell can be frustrating for a child.

3. Meanings of the name
Names have meaning and one way to make your baby’s name really special is to name the child according to how you see him or her in your life. There are hundreds of books that will help you select baby names. You can also log on to website and enter the names that you are considering to know what those names mean. There are also websites, which display hundreds of names in alphabetical order with the corresponding meanings of the name. This way you can actually choose from the names and their meanings.

4. Does it sound right?
When you have several names that you are considering, say the names out loud and see if it sounds right? Parents will know because they have instincts about these names. Another way to finally decide between several names is by combining the names but do this only if you are stuck with two to three names. Giving your baby a name that is more than three is not good. Giving three names is not even advisable if the name is hard to spell, long and even harder to pronounce.

5. Naming them after relatives
When children are named after relatives or even their father, it will help if you use their middle name as their nickname to avoid confusion at home especially if the person they are named after lives with them.

6. Popularity
Consider that the names that are popular right now may not be popular in the another 20 years. Give your baby a name that you really like and not because it is the popular name at the moment. You can never go wrong with names that are really unique or those that you think really represent the person that you want your baby to be when they grow up.


Considerations in choosing the right name for your baby girl

Choosing the name for your baby is perhaps one of the most important decisions that you have to make in your family life. It may not be as crucial as perhaps deciding on financial matters but it is nevertheless special.

The choosing process need not be hard if you know how to have fun and you know just where your priorities lie. Most parents would already have an idea where they will get the name of their baby. Some parents use the names of their own parents while others borrow from the names of relatives, friends and other special people that touched their lives. A few parents even consult numerologists to calculate lucky names for their baby girls.

Media personalities are another important source of baby names. It is a known fact, for example, that during the time when Britney was very famous, a lot of baby girls were named after the famous pop star. Other who are very religious name their kids after famous saints while most just rely on pure instincts and just choose the name that they really like or the name that first popped into their minds.

Right now, there is a trend going about giving multiple names to babies. Most children will have two or more given names and will have completely different nicknames! Is that not enough to give any child a headache?

It is well and good to rely on instincts but parents should also take into consideration some factors like for example the initials that will be formed by the names and the surname. For instance Rizza Altricia Thompson will have an initial of RAT. Although, this would not seem evident at the start, the RAT initials may become one of the sore points in your child’s life and may even be a source of teasing for her.

Parents should also consider the gender of the child. In giving girls’ names for example, it is good to choose feminine names. Although male names have already been given to girls, there is no discounting the benefit that a feminine name will give. Besides, it will be hard for your child to explain to people that she is a girl given a boy’s name.

In using the names of your relatives, it is best to use them as a middle name or a second name rather than the first name. This will give your child her own identity and will separate her from the relatives whose name she uses.

Unique spellings may also be good and unique but temper how unique you go with the names that you give. Remember that your little girl will live with that name for the rest of her life and in a way be marked by it. Names that are really hard to understand or spell may pose a problem later in life.

In registering the names for the birth certificate, make sure that you have the spellings of the name right and that you will be using that name for her. Changing your mind after making the birth certificate can make things difficult for your child especially in legal matters when she has to present her birth certificate and be known by a different name. Misspellings can also pose a problem, so make sure that every data in the birth record is in apple pie order



When your wife gets pregnant and expecting to have your first born baby, you have so many things to decide and think about. Choosing the right name is one of the important things you must consider, most especially if your first born is a baby girl. Most of the women today are excited in having a baby girl. But when choosing a baby’s girl name there are many different things to really think about before actually deciding and these are the following:

1.The parents have the discretion to shorten the name or not. A baby having a short name can have many benefits which include using a lot less ink in writing her name.

2.Parents also have the right to select the name from their family members. They can choose to name their baby girl after a favorite relative or a loved one dear to their heart.

3.Naming their daughter after a famous person or after someone popular. They can name their baby girl after a famous star, favorite celebrity or hero.

4.Names with meaning and what they represent. A name of a Greek Goddess can be a very interesting choice.

5.Names that comes from a biblical characters. For example names like Mary, Elizabeth, Ruth can be a good name for any baby daughter.
6.Parents can name their baby by following the current name trends or fads.

7.Parents should also try to be flexible and reasonable in naming their daughter. Choose the name which will best be suited to the gender of your child. Choose a name suited for her in the sense that it is appropriate to the feature of your child.

8.Parent should try not to choose wacky names for their daughter. It can be a source of many headaches and ridicule for your child when she grows up.

9.Giving your baby a name which is easier to write and understand is also very important. It can prove to be a beneficial choice for your daughter especially when she grows up. When your child starts to go to school, she may need to have a name which is easy to write and understand.

10.Give your daughter a name which is easy to spell and pronounce so the people around her will not find difficulty in spelling or pronouncing her name.

11.Try to pick one word names for your daughter. She might find it hard especially when she is already going to school when she needs to write her name as fast as she could.

12.You can also try to make use of a baby book in selecting the name of your child. Try to study and analyze the baby names and choose one that has a meaning that is relevant to your baby. It can be brave or intelligent choice.

13.Try to make use of names with a good combination. Try to ask for the opinion of some of your friends or your relatives. But always remember to avoid also giving names which are similar with one of your relatives.

You are given a valuable gift. GOD has given you this blessing in the form of your baby daughter. As husband and wife, having a baby is very important and very fulfilling. It’s very important also to choose the right name for her. That is one of the many gifts that you can give her.



Are you excited on becoming a soon to be parent? Are you having problems in thinking on how to name your child? For a baby boy, what are your choices? What factors do you consider in choosing the name of your future baby boy? In choosing a name for him, are you the type that decides on a name that first comes to your mind? Are you the type who thinks for a minute or so and then presto, you have a name of your child.

Naming your baby boy may not be as easy as that. What you name your boy can sometimes have a big effect on his life. There are some things you have to prepare for and be aware of while finding the right name for your child.

Searching for your baby’s name can also be fun especially if it’s your first born baby that you are looking a name for. Whether you’re seeking a name for your soon-to-be baby boy or baby girl, sometimes you are considering the popularity of your own first name. Sometimes you can search for name ideas from names that are considered to be on the top 100 hot baby names list.

Some parents have a penchant for biblical names. For example, they want to name their baby after Matthew, Mark, John etc. Others get to name their baby boy after their ancestors or after their favorite family members. Sometimes they try to combine a couple of names to make it sound more catchy and interesting.

Some parents also consider naming their babies to the date their child was born. For example, if the child was born on December 25, many a parent would likely name their baby Emmanuel. Parents can also name their baby based on the popularity of a person. They can name their baby after a movie star, favorite writer, or a famous person.

In naming a baby, there are many other points parents should consider besides how popular or unique a name is. Here are some helpful tips that parents like you can use in choosing a name for the new baby and to make the process more fun and exciting:

1. Try to observe the initials of the name that you will be giving your child. For example, naming the child Dan Oscar Gordon would make his initials may come out as D.O.G. Wouldn’t it be a put down on him? It can be frustrating overlooking such a simple thing as giving your child this kind of name even though you did not mean it.

2. Try to avoid choosing a baby name that can be unusual and out of this world. Other kids may make fun of your child in school that will result to humiliation. Always consider the welfare of your child in finding a name for him and not in your own interest.

3. You can also choose a name which can sound funny and trendy.

4. Be careful not to pick a name that’s really cute for an adorable little baby but would sound silly when your child grows up. (For example, avoid using names like Dimples or Cutie Pie as much as possible.)

5. Be careful also not to choose a name that is very hard to spell or pronounce. People will almost always get it wrong so your child might have a lot of difficulty explaining it to them over and over again.


Baby names and their meanings

Naming a baby may seem simple enough but when you are the one doing the naming, it can be really frustrating. One of the ways that can help you with this really frustrating task is by giving names that have special meanings. The job of today’s moms and dads is a whole lot easier actually compared to parents in previous years. There are probably hundreds of baby naming books in bookstores as well as websites where you can enter the names that you are considering and find their meanings.

Some websites even have categories that group names into their origins. For instance, names that have Indian origins have their own grouping, names that have Italian origins have separate grouping and so on. Names are also classified according to gender or to popularity. Of course, alphabetical classifications of names will always be there. You can even browse through several different names and just take your pick from the pack.

Finding out the meaning of the name that you are going to give your child will not only make the name special but will also put a small meaning into the name. By giving your baby a name with a meaning that you like, you are, in a way, putting a representation of what you hope your child would grow up to be. Remember that a name is a stamp of identity, something that your child will be using for the rest of his or her life.

Here are some of the names and their meanings that you can find in websites. If you want a complete list, just go to a search engine and type keywords baby names meaning and voila, a list of websites where you can browse different names.

Aaron- High Mountain
Bailey- Server
Caesar – Purposeful
Abel- Breath of vapour
Caleb – Dog lover
Calvin- Bold
Abner – Cheerful
Cameron – Bewitched
Abraham – Father of Multitude
Barron – Fighter
Carlos – Expressive
Bartholomew – Friend
Carol – Champion
Cary – Charmer
Casey – Brave
Alan – Harmony
Benedict- Blessed
Cecil – Obstinate or Blind
Albert – Nobly
Alexander- Leader
Alexis- Helper
Alfred- Wise
Bing – Intuitive
Alison – Holy
Blair – Dignified
Clair – Famous
Clarence – Bright
Clark – Charmer
Claude – Lame
Alroy- Regal
Bradford – Mighty
Clay – Mortal
Clayton- Town-Dweller
Alvin – Beloved
Brandon – A Fighter
Clifford – Brave
Dale – Dweller
Dalton – Farmer
Dan – A Judge
Ebenezer – Integrity
Eden – Diplomatic
Farrell – Brave
Darius – Strong
Edgar – Fortunate
Felix – Happy
Gary -Old man
Ian – Lord’s Grace
Geoffrey – Peace
Ingram – Hero
Giles – Young goat
Irvin – Friend of the Sea
Godfrey – God peace
Isaac – Glad
Harlan – Warrior
Isadore – A good gift
Grant – Great
Harley – Athletic
Harry – Princely
Guy – Sensible
Hector – Defender
Kane – Exacting
Lachlan – Fighter
Kay – Rejoicing
Lambert – Wealthy
Jason- Healer
Kean – Tall
Keith – Gardener
Jed – Beloved
Lewis Well-Known
Lincoln – Settled
Lindo – Tree
Lionel – Lionlike
Llewellyn – Swift
Lloyd – Joy
Ludovic – Fighter
Loredo – Learned
Loren – Victor
Loring – Fighter
Lothario – Cheerful
Macy – Steadfast
Napoleon – Comforter
Nathan – A Gift
Malcolm – A Servant
Nat – Versatile
Nathaniel – Godly
Orlando – Famous
Paine- Rustic
Radcliffe – Fiery
Quincy – Restful
Ralph – Hero
Quinn – Wise
Parker – Princely
Patrick – Noble
Randall – Relentless
Shawn – Gracious
Trevor – Prudent
Sherlock – Eminent
Silvester – Earthy
Spencer – Provider
Stephen – Loyal
Samson – Resplendent
Xavier – Bright
Valentine – Healthy
Wade – Wonderer

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