A Quick Peek into Japanese Wedding Rings, Tradition and Styles

With changing times, the Japanese culture and tradition has also accepted a lot of changes. Exchange of wedding rings in the marriage ceremony is one of them. For, the wedding rings were never a hardcore part of the traditional Japanese weddings. But the modern Japanese couples enjoy slipping the wedding rings in each other’s fingers.

In fact, it is believed that the history of the exchange of wedding rings in Japan is only 150 years old. The custom of wearing a wedding ring in Japan is related to the Edo Era, belonging to the late 1800s. before that, Japanese women used to color their teeth to prove their marital status.

The times have changed and Japanese married couples have started wearing wedding rings. While other things are still traditional in Japanese weddings, the exchange of wedding rings is a contemporary and popular concept. Still it is enjoyed greatly and practiced with respect. Japanese call the ring finger as kusuri-yubi.

The bride and the groom appear quite composed during the staid marriage ceremony. But as the time of rings exchange approaches and the groom slips the wedding band on the bride’s finger, they smile together.

It is interesting to note that people in Japan wear the wedding bands not because of any religious or supernatural reason. They wear it because they want to make the public announcement of their marriage. They wish to tell the world that they welcome a special person in their life and they plan to spend the rest of their lives with together.

Japanese people consider various aspects before buying the wedding rings. They consider the look, attractiveness, and the material value of the ring as important factors to choose a wedding ring. The religious connotations attached with wedding rings in other countries hold absolutely low or no relevance for the Japanese.

Let’s take a quick peek into the styles and designs of Japanese wedding rings.

Mokume gane is a traditional Japanese term used to explain the art of making wedding rings. It came into being a couple of centuries ago. The mokume gane artists layer the non-ferrous and precious metal and make patterns over it. It is originated from the ancient Japanese technique by which damascus steel was created.

In the mokume gane art, two or more metals are piled together in sporadic sheets and merged together. Then, a billet is forged, formed and filed to divulge an attractive pattern of the sheet layers. Mokume is an apt art for making the wedding rings, as it poses the perfect marriage of metals too.

Well generally Japanese people do not like wedding gaudy rings with heavy crafting on them. This is perhaps because big diamonds get stuck with clothes or other things and are not practical to wear daily. Most of them love simple and casual designing, which they can show off regularly.

If you also cherish simplicity in life, get a Japanese wedding band and adorn your wedding ceremony. [493 Words]


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A Peek into the World of Chinese wedding rings | Your Relations

A Peek into the World of Chinese wedding rings

Wedding is a special celebration which lasts up to a lifetime. And there could not be anything better than a wedding ring which serves as an epitome of commitment, love and trust between the two partners. Since 11th century, the ritual of exchanging wedding rings has been practiced with utmost excitement and passion. And one Asian country vehemently follows this tradition of wedding rings. Well, you guessed it right; it’s none other than China.

As the ritual of exchange of wedding rings is prominent in China, the Chinese wedding rings are also very popular. The land of the mystical dragons and ancient culture blooms with unique styles and designs of wedding rings. In Chinese weddings, the style and the class of the wedding rings play an important role. In fact the jewelers constantly keep on updating the materials and designs of the Chinese wedding rings.

Coming onto the aspect of the materials used in the Chinese wedding rings, there are basically 4 types of material used. These are diamonds, platinum, yellow gold and white gold.

Let us take a peep into how these materials are incorporated in the making of Chinese wedding rings.

Diamond Wedding Rings
Diamond wedding rings are a very popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are prominently made up of two types. The first one is a solitaire Chinese wedding ring and the second one is the diamonds Chinese wedding rings. Well, the solitaire Chinese wedding rings consist of a single diamond on the whole of the ring. This diamond is placed on a band which can be made up of any material like platinum, yellow gold or white gold. Moreover one can choose a colored solitaire to make the ring look even more beautiful and charismatic.

The other types of diamond Chinese rings are the ones on which more than one diamond is placed. These rings can have numerous small sized diamonds or three big size diamonds, and various other diamond combinations.

Platinum Wedding Rings
Platinum Chinese wedding rings are a symbol of class and society. There are several types and styles of platinum Chinese rings. Some of these rings include the sacred symbols of the Chinese cultures. On the other hand, some rings contain some famous and holy quotation, while the other rings have the dragons engraved on them.

If one prefers to have a simple platinum band for a Chinese wedding, he can also buy a plain platinum wedding band to represent the beauty in simplicity. Some Chinese platinum wedding rings can also have the inscribed names of both the partners.

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings
Yellow gold wedding rings are the most common types of Chinese wedding rings. These rings are available in different karats according to the gold content used in the making of them. On an average, a Chinese wedding yellow gold ring is made up of 14K gold. This implies that the ring has 58.3 % gold along with 41.7 % of other metals. Another common category of golf Chinese wedding rings is the 18K gold ring wherein the gold content is 75%.

White Gold Wedding Rings
Well, many people confuse white gold wedding rings with platinum wedding rings. However, white gold wedding rings are yet another popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are made up of a metal called palladium which is responsible for the white color of the ring.

So which ring have you chosen for your wedding? [Words 573]


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Are You Looking for Affordable Men’s Wedding Rings? | Your Relations

Are You Looking for Affordable Men’s Wedding Rings?

Diamonds, platinum and solitaire— wearing any of these metals as a wedding ring would be a dream-come-true for any man. But, can everyone afford it? Can you afford it? Can you take heavy loans from banks and spend the rest of your life paying it back? Well, do not worry even if you can not afford any of these costly rings. In fact you can buy yourself a wedding ring from the categories of affordable men’s wedding rings. Seems interesting? If it does, you can take a look at this very article and smile for the rest of your life. So read on!

Well, affordable men’s wedding rings do not imply that these rings are of a low quality or are highly prone to the daily wear and tear. Instead affordable rings mean that you can buy some of the handsome and elegant looking wedding rings for yourself made from some other material. Now, the most prominent and common categories of affordable men’s wedding ring are the moissanite wedding rings, the titanium wedding rings and the gold wedding rings. Let us study these affordable rings separately for you.

Moissanite Wedding Rings
Moissanite wedding rings have become the latest picks in the market of wedding rings, as they are charismatic, graceful and less costlier than the expensive diamonds or platinum wedding rings.

Basically Moissanite is a naturally formed crystal. It is often confused with the diamonds as it displays the features of the diamonds and looks almost similar to them. You cannot differentiate between a diamond and a moissanite through a naked eye. It even exhibits the sparkle and the appeal of the diamonds.

Considering all these aspects of the moissanite, it would be appropriate to say that the moissanite wedding rings are among the best buys when it comes to affordable men’s wedding rings. You buy this ring for very cheap and flaunt it as if you were wearing a diamond ring. The brightness, sparkle and the charm of moissanite wedding rings can take everyone by surprise and delight. So you can definitely consider buying a moissanite wedding ring for yourself.

Titanium Wedding Rings
Titanium wedding rings are yet another popular category of men’s affordable wedding rings. Titanium rings are popular because of their strength and ever lasting durability. You can wear this ring on a daily basis without having to worry about it getting scratched or worn down. Moreover the titanium rings are heat resistant, rust proof and light weight. You would not even feel that you are wearing something on your finger. A titanium ring clearly symbolizes the unbreakable and unshakable bond of trust and love between you and your bride.

Another benefit of choosing a titanium ring is that it doesn’t cause any sorts of allergic reactions. As it is neutral to human body it does not cause any irritation to the skin.

So, if you are planning to buy an affordable men’s wedding ring for yourself, which can last up to a lifetime, you can certainly consider a titanium wedding ring. [Words 505]


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Get Online to Buy Cheap Wedding Rings | Your Relations

Get Online to Buy Cheap Wedding Rings

Do budget constraints inhibit you from buying those lovely and glittering wedding rings? Do you return broken heart when you find that your favorite wedding ring costs over $5000? Well, you don’t have to worry now, as the jewelry market is blooming with cheap wedding rings especially for you. You might not get a solitaire, but you can certainly find a fine looking yellow gold ring or diamond look-alike moissanite rings for yourself.

Well, it is not mandatory that wedding rings have to be expensive to make the wedding day more nostalgic. So you don’t have to ask for loans and debts from banks and live the rest of your life repaying them back. Instead a wiser decision would be to purchase a cheap wedding ring. So, if you are looking for cheap wedding rings, one of the best ways to find them is through the internet. Herein you can find a comprehensive comparison of various cheap wedding rings and their price. Along with that, the internet also offers you many options, so that you can choose an appropriate cheap wedding ring for your self.

Fist of all, on the internet, you can choose a cheap wedding ring, according to the definite price range. On an average basis the price range of cheap wedding rings start from $60 to over $1000. Now, even amongst this range, you can find sub categories of the price ranges like $60-$150, $150-$350 and so on. So this option can really give you a good reason to smile as you can get to know which ring would suit your budget.

The internet offers you a selection of exclusive brands offering you cheap wedding rings. For example, you can choose from the famous brands like Ashford, Havilland, Christmas lights and much more. This option works on giving you the satisfaction that the quality of the ring will not be inferior or fake. So now, you can choose from the cheap wedding rings from your favorite brands. All the more, the internet caters to your needs by giving you the choice of the material of the ring. Yes, you can choose from a variety of famous ring metals like yellow gold, platinum, titanium and white gold. So, now you can even flaunt your gold wedding ring or platinum wedding ring with style.

If you still need more reasons to buy cheap wedding rings through the internet, here’s one feature. Now, you can even get to see the online ratings of the different wedding rings. This rating is based upon the customer satisfaction and appreciation reports. You can browse through the various categories of cheap wedding rings, and look at the ratings of different rings under each category.

Internet is one way of purchasing the cheap wedding rings, which is undoubtedly the most comfortable and the most convenient one. The other traditional way of buying cheap wedding rings is visiting the jewelry shops. Well, you would need to check out with the different jewelry shops and then compare the prices offered by different shops. For this purpose, you would need to spend a lot of time searching for the appropriate ring.

So, now you have got a plenty of reasons to buy cheap wedding rings. Happy wedding! [539 Words]


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Your Relations » Pick Antique Wedding Rings to Stand Class Apart!


Pick Antique Wedding Rings to Stand Class Apart!

Posted in General, Relations, Relationship, Relation Advice, About Relationship, Relationship Problems, Family Relation, Marital Relationships at 8:21 pm by Administrator

Are you planning to buy some different and unique wedding rings for your wedding? And are you fond of antique jewelry and antique collection as well? Well, if you are affirmative with these two questions, you should definitely consider buying antique wedding rings for your wedding. Yes, these classy wedding rings would be an appropriate choice for your wedding.

So let’s take a look into various aspects, features and consideration of antique wedding rings.

Before moving deeper into the subject of antique wedding rings, why not understand the difference between antique wedding rings and estate wedding rings. Well, antique wedding rings refer to very old rings (over 50 years old). And “estate” wedding rings can be anything less than 50 years old. It also includes a ring that someone has brought last year only. If you want to consider some genuine antique wedding rings, you should prefer the ones which were made before 1950.

An alternative name for antique wedding rings is “vintage wedding rings” which is used by several jewelers to give these rings a more classy appeal. On the other hand, some people also denote antique rings as “old rings”, as they were made quite a time back. However, it doesn’t matter what names you coin for antique wedding rings, they would still remain a form of antique wedding rings.

Now, coming back to antique wedding rings, let us discuss some of the prominent types and forms of antique rings, along with the era in which they were made.

Victorian Wedding Rings (1800-1900)
Victorian rings are the oldest forms of antique wedding rings. These were crafted during the newly incepted industrial revolution, when the diamond mines of South Africa were discovered. A typical Victorian wedding ring features a row of diamonds which are carved with an additional surface on the bottom called the mine cut. Pearls were also included in the history of Victorian rings for the very special occasions.

Edwardian Wedding Rings (1900-1920)
The era of Edwardian jewelry prominently featured the usage of platinum, pearls, gold and diamonds. These metals were adroitly crafted into the delicate and lacy shapes of rings called the “Edwardian”. This name was coined after Edward VII took the throne of England, after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. The wedding rings of this era contained scrollwork, filigree details and milgraining. The usage of brilliant sapphires was also practiced in the Edwardian wedding rings.

Art Deco Wedding Rings (1920-1930)
The age of 20’s was full of exploration, exoticism and machinery. Amongst the blend of these three, the term “art deco” originated and became famous from the Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925. The art deco wedding rings are famous for their geometric shapes, contrasting gemstones and complementary colors. These wedding rings are one of the preferred choices of people when it comes to buying antique wedding rings.

While buying any of the antique wedding rings, you should give a careful attention towards the craftsmanship of the ring. This factor can really make a difference in your selection of your antique wedding ring. You should avoid the replica rings of the antique ones as they would look poor and won’t be able to hold the charisma and quality of the original one.

So, have a very happy wedding! [549 Words]

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Get Your Plus Size Wedding Rings Quite Comfy Way! | Your Relations

June 13, 2006

Get Your Plus Size Wedding Rings Quite Comfy Way!

Have you recently walked to a jewelry shop, to shop for your wedding ring and are told by the man himself that he does not have your size? And, even if he had some, you did not have your best ring in them? Well, no matter.

Yes, oversize is no longer a problem. For, plus size wedding rings are there for you. With great variety of plus wedding rings available in the market, you can certainly find the one according to your size and liking. And your full-stuffed fingers can also celebrate their curves with these exotic plus size rings.

So let’s know for all how can you get a plus size wedding ring in your size as well as in your taste. And that too quite easily!

Selecting a plus size wedding ring is not a tall order today. With growing population of plus size people in the US, fashion designers and jewelry designers have come up with some great options, exclusively for oversized people. You can contact your near by jewelry house with your credentials and ask them whether they keep your size or not. Most of the regular jewelry shops make plus size wedding rings and jewelry on special requests. Also, you can contact exclusive plus size stores in the market. The range of options is really wide.

In fact Internet is the best place for you to find out the contact addresses of the exclusive plus size jewelry shops in your area. You can search for them with the keyword, “plus size wedding rings” on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Moreover, you can visit the online stores of the leading jewelry brands. As you get ample contact information, you can follow your thrust to have your perfect wedding ring.

After getting the contact info you need to meet the jewelers. Always be very confident of your size before entering the market. Ask yourself again and again, what looks best on my hands, while making a final selection. If you have small and fatty fingers, select an oval shaped or extended diamond ring. It will look great on you as per your fingers. The long diamonds have an advantage that they can make short fingers look slim. But you must not do it in excess as it can make your fingers look too gaudy as well.

Choose a wedding ring that suits your life style. As you are going to wear it for ever, it should be comfortable. The design should be such that it does not get struck with your clothes or other things.

Even if you do not get your type of wedding ring in your size, there is nothing to feel disheartened. You have still an option saved for you. Get your wedding ring made on order. There are many jewelry shops that make customized rings on order. After taking your size, the jeweler would note down your demands for design, material and stone for making your favorite ring. You can have it hand made, as per your needs as well. Well it is possible for the shop owner to ask for a little extra charges for your plus size wedding ring. But those extra dollars should not pinch you at all as you are getting your wedding ring in your size and taste!

I have discovered a great advantage of plus size wedding rings— they carry the design crafted on them quite elegantly because they are generally big and wide. The more wide a ring, the more beautiful the design looks on them. So be confident of your size and get your best wedding ring according to it. [610 Words]

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Wedding Reception | Your Relations

Wedding Reception

After the wedding ceremony is carried out, every one that needs to has said their I do’s, the confetti has been thrown and the carriage arrives to take the bride and groom away, the bride and groom head of to the wedding reception to meet the guests, of course the guests from the ceremony are all going but some people only attend the reception. The ceremony is more for family than friends. So once you arrive at the reception what happens then? A party!!!

The wedding reception is where the entertainment and the food is, no doubt the newly weds will be starving after the nerves and the shock of getting married has worn of. The reception is a great time for friends and family to get to know each other as well they are all one big circle of family and need to get along, for your sake! The wedding reception then starts of with a speech, a toast, some food and then the entertainment. The food can either be hot plate served or it can be hot and cold buffet style dinner whatever you choose is loved by all guests, no doubt the happily married couple will be starving after the shock of marriage and the release of the nerves. After everyone has eaten and admired their wedding favors and the special gifts have been handed out to the members of the guests that have played a special part in the wedding the entertainment starts. The entertainment is usually a DJ or a live band, sometimes though couples get really creative and go for a magician or even a comedian. Keeping the guests entertained is a great part of the wedding as it makes you feel good to know that everything that you have done has made all these people happy.

The wedding reception is the most favourable part of any wedding, the ceremony is usually boring and the guests are glad to get off to the reception to have a good time. The wedding reception is another type of celebration of your marriage. The next celebration which is undoubtedly the best is the honey moon which you will no doubt enjoy thoroughly!


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10 Tips for Having an Outdoor Wedding | Your Relations

10 Tips for Having an Outdoor Wedding

The outdoors can be an absolutely beautiful setting for a wedding. Natural backdrops of trees, mountains or oceans are unparalleled by any decorations that can be utilized in an indoor setting. Additionally the natural lighting that is provided by an outdoor wedding makes for truly glorious pictures. However, there are careful considerations that need to be made in planning an outdoor wedding.

The first tip for having an outdoor wedding is to choose your location carefully. You might want to consider a venue that is capable of providing a contingency plan in case the weather affects your wedding and prevents your original plan from occurring. Although you may prefer an outdoor setting, it is wise to choose a location that has an indoor facility that would be available for your use in the event of a storm that would otherwise cancel your wedding.

Dressing appropriately for the conditions is also important if you plan to have an outdoor wedding. For example a strapless gown made of a lightweight fabric would not be appropriate for a fall or winter wedding if the temperatures are usually low at these times of the year. Likewise a dress with long sleeves and a high neck would not be appropriate for a summertime wedding in a warm climate. You will want to be comfortable on your wedding day so dress according to the weather.

Another tip for having an outdoor wedding is to plan your wedding for a time of year that is unlikely to have inclement weather. It’s important to give yourself the best possible chance of having good weather for your wedding. Try studying the weather history in the area that you plan to have your wedding and choose a time that has a relatively low chance of snow or rain.

In setting up for your outdoor wedding, one important tip is to set up the area where the ceremony will be held in a way that keeps the sun at the guests’ backs. For example, for a morning wedding, you will want to position the seating so that the guests are facing to the west. This is important because the sun rises in the east and having the guests facing to the east would result in the guests having to squint into the sun.

If you choose a summertime wedding in a warm climate, be sure to have plenty of drinks available for your guests. You might want to consider having refreshing beverages such as water and juices available throughout the ceremony and reception to prevent guests from dehydrating.

One of the most problematic aspects of an outdoor wedding is the acoustics. Guests at an outdoor wedding are often unable to hear the proceedings. Additionally, if a wedding video is made, it often is unable to pick up the words of the officiant or the couple reciting their vows. For this reason, you may wish to utilize a public address system during the ceremony to ensure that all guests are able to hear the ceremony.

If you have a lot of out of town guests who will be attending your outdoor wedding, you may want to prepare a package to mail to them detailing the weather expectations for your wedding date so that they can prepare for the trip. Although the past can be a good indication of what type of weather to expect, you might also want to consider sending your out of town guests a weather prediction update a few days prior to your wedding in case the meteorologists are predicting unseasonable weather.

The outdoor setting you choose may also affect the color choices for your wedding. You may wish to choose colors that accent the natural surroundings. For example choosing a bright pink for your bridesmaids’ dresses may seem out of place if you are holding your wedding against a mountain setting. The loudness of their dresses will disrupt the serenity of the natural setting.

Another tip for an outdoor wedding is to consider hiring a live band instead of a DJ for the entertainment. A live band will blend in better with the surroundings in an outdoor setting. Also, the natural music of a live band is also a better fit then the synthesized music of a DJ.

One final tip for having an outdoor wedding is to try to provide your guests with as much shade as possible. You can do this by either providing a large tent or canopy for your guests or by choosing a setting with a number of large trees and planning your wedding for a time and date that would ensure an abundance of shade in the area.

Taking a few precautions and planning wisely will ensure that your outdoor wedding is a success. It is important to make a few adjustments to your usual planning and making provisions that will keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the ceremony and the reception.



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10 Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows | Your Relations

10 Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows can be a way to ensure that your vows express your exact sentiment. Many vows commonly used in weddings are very lovely and express your love for each other but they are usually not specific to the couple. While it is not necessary to write your own vows, many couples opt to do so in order to make sure that the vows that they recite at the wedding are meaningful to them as a couple. It is not important that you be an eloquent writer to write beautiful wedding vows. What is important though is that you write from your heart. This will ensure that your vows express your feelings adequately and in a way that your partner will understand.

The first tip for writing your wedding vows is to make sure that both you and your partner are committed to reciting original vows. Many couples are not comfortable expressing something so personal in front of others. While the love that is expressed in pre-written vows is also personal, it does not leave the couple feeling so vulnerable. There are plenty of existing vows available and a couple should realize that they are free to use these existing vows and are under no obligation to write their own vows.

Once you have decided that you would like to write your own wedding vows you might want to consider whether or not you want your vows to have a theme or themes. Love is sure to be an underlying theme in any vow but you may also want to incorporate other ideas in your vows as well. Virtues of trust, understanding, friendship and honesty may be a few themes that you may want to include in your vows.

Another tip for writing your wedding vows is to make sure the vows are written well before your wedding date. It is important not to procrastinate with writing your vows because if you put it off until the night before the wedding you are likely to become stressed out and have a great deal of difficulty writing your vows. Writing your vows well in advance of your wedding helps to eliminate stress and allows you time to really think about what you want your vows to say to your partner.

Writing your own wedding vows can be difficult. The most difficult part of writing your own wedding vows is just getting started. Chances are that once you get on a roll you will be able to write freely but getting started can be difficult. For this reason, you may choose to read through a number of existing vows. This will help you to get a feel for the language that is used in vows and can give you some ideas about how you want your vows to read.

An important tip for writing your wedding vows is to make sure that you have plenty of quiet time to work on your vows when you do sit down to start writing them. This may be a long arduous process and it is important to allow plenty of time to write your vows. If you know that you have an appointment in less than an hour, it’s probably not a good time to start working on your wedding vows.

Considering co-writing your vows with your partner is another tip for writing meaningful vows. You may choose to write your vows completely on your own to ensure that they are a surprise for your partner but you may also wish to work on your vows with your partner so that the two of you can enjoy the process of writing your vows together. This can be a wonderful opportunity to reminisce and remember the good times that you have shared.

Still another useful tip for writing your wedding vows is to avoid talking about the bad times. While you may wish to include these to demonstrate how you and your partner have persevered and overcome many obstacles, this type of talk can be upsetting to your partner and your guests. Sticking to the happy memories helps to make the vows more light-hearted and does not make them any less meaningful.

It is also important to not worry about the length of your vows. You may feel compelled to shorten a long drawn out vow because you feel as though it may bore those in attendance or you may feel as though you need to add onto vows that are concise but this is not necessary. All that truly matters is whether you think you have adequately conveyed the desired sentiment in your vows.

Another tip for writing your wedding vows is to not be afraid to use language from a song that is special to you and your partner as a couple. Chances are that the two of you enjoy a meaningful song because it is symbolic of your relationship. In this situation it is appropriate to recite a portion of the lyrics as part of your vows.

A final tip for writing original wedding vows is to first make a list of all the things that you love and admire about your partner. You might want to create this list and then set it aside for a few days before you begin writing your vows. When you are ready to start working on your wedding vows, you could read the list that you had previously written to remind you of all the wonderful characteristics your partner possess and to get you really thinking about your partner.

Writing original wedding vows can be difficult but many couples believe that original vows are more meaningful than pre-existing ones. Following the tips above will help to make the vow writing process a little easier by providing you with a few basic guidelines for writing your vows. It is important to remember the original vows are not obligatory and that it is perfectly acceptable to use existing vows if you choose to do so.


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Planning Weddings with Themes | Your Relations

Planning Weddings with Themes

Planning a wedding with a theme can be a fun way to incorporate a specific interest that the couple shares into the wedding. Themes are a fun way for the couple to express themselves and share a little bit of their personalities with the guests. The theme of the wedding can be incorporated into just about every aspect of the wedding. From the couple’s attire, to the decorations, music, favors and even wording of the vows the couple can ensure that every aspect of the wedding reflects their chosen theme. While incorporating a theme into a wedding can be a lot of fun, it’s important to not go too overboard with the theme because the results could be extremely tacky. Below are just a few examples of wedding themes and how they can be incorporated tastefully into your ceremony or reception.

A medieval theme is a popular choice for couples who pine for the romance and tradition of earlier times. You could incorporate this theme by making your reception a costume party and suggesting that your guests dress accordingly. The couple could choose their attire to reflect the theme by wearing outfits that are indicative of the chosen time period. They can do this by either renting costumes or searching far and wide for attire that suits their needs. This theme can also be carried over into the food and entertainment choices. A couple may opt to have a multi-course meal that includes traditional medieval fare. They may also wish to provide entertainment such as musicians and troubadours to perform between each of the courses. Using medieval language during the ceremony and in the vows is another way to incorporate a medieval theme.

A fairly tale wedding is another popular theme for many couples. As many young girls are first exposed to the idea of a wedding in common fairy tales, it is understandable that many brides dream about a fairy tale wedding. This simple theme translates well to wedding preparations and can be incorporated into the wedding in a variety of ways. The couple’s attire is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a fairy tale theme. A form fitting bodice with a tulle skirt is very reminiscent of fairy tale weddings. Furthermore this style of dress is readily available in many bridal shops. In many cases it is even referred to as a “Cinderella Gown”. Simply letting the bridal shop attendants know that you are planning a fairy tale themed wedding will result in them producing a multitude of dresses for you to try on that will be very fitting for the theme. The groom may wish to opt for attire reminiscent of Prince Charming such as a white tuxedo with tails. The theme can be carried forward and included in the transportation that the couple chooses. Arriving in a horse drawn carriage is a very elegant way to include the fairy tale theme. The couple may also choose to perform their first dance together as husband and wife to a traditional ballroom medley. A careful choreographed ballroom dance will look elegant and further convey the fairy tale theme.

An under the sea theme is another common wedding theme. A couple choosing this type of theme may want to consider holding their ceremony and reception on a beach. As always the attire can be incorporated into the theme. If the wedding is held on a beach, the bride may choose to adorn herself in a simple white dress and may opt to be married without shoes. The groom could choose a casual linen suit and may even consider shorts with a lightweight sports jacket. He too could choose to not wear shoes. The decoration possibilities are limitless with this theme. One very popular and appropriate centerpiece idea is to fill glass bowls with sand and seashells. This simple centerpiece is an excellent way to incorporate the theme into the decorations. The couple could also cover the tables in a blue table cloth that is similar to the color of the ocean and layer fishing net over the table. A simple favor idea is to present each guest with a collection of seashell shaped soaps. These are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

While it’s not required for a wedding to have a theme, choosing one can be an excellent way to tie the different elements of the wedding together. The attire, entertainment, decorations, favors and food are all elements that can be used to reflect the theme. Subtle hints at your theme are nice touches but it is possible to go overboard with a theme and the results are often tacky.


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